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Walled City Cafe In Jama Masjid Has Kebabs, Steak & Chocolate Pizza



    Jama Masjid’s always been our go-to place for non-vegetarian adventures. Its most recent addition is a terrace cafe which brings you a melange of Dilli 6 foods along with pizza, pasta, steak and some interesting dessert.


    Malai Fish Steak, Angara Chicken


    Fresh Lime Soda

    Winning For

    Converting an old haveli terrace into a colourful, chilled out cafe done in stained glass, and for their well done hookahs

    In The Open

    We love that this cafe is mostly in the outdoors {there’s also two small rooms for when it’s rainy or just too hot}. The space has been made use of well- there’s colourful wicker chairs, two wicker swings and comfy couches inside. Pretty colourful lights set the mood once the sun goes down.

    For Goodness Steak

    We know- ordering steak in Jama Masjid may not feel super right, but the first thing you need to order at The Walled City Cafe is the Malai Fish Steak- it’s essentially like fish malai tikka but a bigger chunk and infused with the goodness of garlic. You can order this as a starter and then move on to the heavier things {we had the Angara Chicken with Tandoori Roti and loved it for its homestyle taste}. They’ve got a pretty massive menu including pizza, pasta, salads, soups and some Mughlai. We’re looking forward to trying their Raan. They also do a full lamb version of this {for INR 6,999} in case you’re in a large group.

    Chocolate + Cheese + Pizza

    Yes, this is a thing. For the more experimental ones among you: A simple Margherita pizza topped with some delish melted chocolate chips. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you like mixing your sweet with your savoury {think Hawaiian pizza}, you might just love it.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you find yourselves in Jama Masjid and need to take a little break from all the walking around and exploring, The Walled City Cafe provides the perfect ambience for it.