Dessert Lovers, Let's Settle This: Is Theobroma Delhi's New Big Chill?

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If there’s one thing that Delhiites take seriously, it’s their dessert. The Big Chill Café has always been an automatic Delhi go-to place for a little something sweet, but now with Theobroma having burst in on the scene, have things changed? Does someone new rule the dessert roost or, is old, as always, gold?


The War Is On

For all those who have grown up in Delhi, The Big Chill Café is a fave when it comes to desserts. Haven’t we all braved the long line outside the Khan Market outlet just for some sweet pleasure? The Mississippi mud pie is a thing of magic that melts right in your mouth with a burst of nutty flavors. The blueberry cheesecake here is always fresh and full of creamy deliciousness. And chocolate superfudge brownies are made with a secret recipe and has had the power to leave Delhiites speechless {which we all know is a feat that’s not easy to achieve!}

As for Theobroma, let’s be honest, we had always been a little of Mumbai till they opened up right here in Delhi. They really whip up some magic when it comes to their classic walnut brownies. The cookie brownie made out of the most chocolaty cookie dough always manages to hit the sweet tooth as well. And oh, the Devil’s Mousse Cake when served warm is what love feels like.

So, We're Saying...

It’s close to impossible for us to make a choice between these two iconic places because they both bring some sweet magic into our lives with their baked goodies. We’ve all grown up on the delicious treats at The Big Chill Café but Theobroma has also made a very special place in our hearts {and tummies} in the little while it’s been here!

So Delhi peeps, who’s the winner?