When In Bhimtal, Eat Bacon, Drink Coffee & Jump Off Cliffs

    A short drive/train ride away from Delhi, Uttarakhand makes for a great impromptu weekend trip. There are plenty of places to stay and the green hills, fresh air, peace and quiet give you a much-needed breather from the chaos of Delhi. And we’ve already got your itinerary worked out! Here’s a list of things to do in Bhimtal for you


    I Heart Cafe

    Situated a short walk from the Bhimtal Lake, I Heart Cafe is our go-to place for a good cuppa coffee or hot chocolate along with a slice of freshly baked cake. We’re partial toward the moist lemon cake and the chocolate chip muffin too.

    Cafe By The Lake

    We love the white metal chairs, bright yellow cushions and red pendant lamps hanging atop each table. And the view of the still Naukuchiatal lake, of course. Add to the equation a cup of hot coffee and bacon cheese sandwiches and you have yourself a beautiful evening planned.

    And they play a  mix of jazz, rock and blues.

    Do Things

    Peruse Some Art

    Brooks Arthaus is an upcoming residential area which is going to be a hub of all things artsy. Since the villas are being bought over by artists from across the country, they’re planning a beautiful art gallery which anyone can visit any time- this will be showcasing the works of prominent Indian artists.

    They also have a cafe and an infinity pool {excited?} but you may want to call them in advance if you want to take a dip.


    …unless you’re scared of heights. We went with the Eagle Eye Adventure peeps. A short trek to the top-most point of the hill followed by heavy-duty strapping and then running at full speed down a steep slope. It sounds scary and if it’s your first time, expect major butterflies in your stomach. But these went away for us as soon as we took the plunge off the cliff.

    The flight can last anywhere between three – 10 minutes and you feel like a bird for that short while. So. Worth. It.

    And yes, the instructor comes with you so you’ve got nothing to fear. And if you end up loving it, you can even opt for a certificate course and learn to handle the reigns yourself.


    The Naukuchiatal Lake is a popular spot for boating. Hop aboard a swan-shaped colourful boat and paddle up and down at your own pace, or opt to go with an experienced boatman and simply enjoy the ripples and the rolling hills surrounding the lake.


    This may be a master of the obvious point, but carry your sneakers and sneak in a trek in the morning/afternoon hours wherever you see a trail. Best ask a local or your hotel peeps about the paths though, to ensure you don’t go slipping and falling.

    And please, don’t trek at night lest you’re looking for a tete-a-tete with a leopard or a snake.


    Don’t expect the likes of Nainital’s Tibetan market here; you’re not going to find chic clothes. What you will find at the Bhimtal Market is lots of bal mithai {chocolate FTW} to take home, succulent plants for as less as INR 20 {pots cost extra} at a cute colourful nursery called Palm Leaves and lots and lots of umbrellas.


    Don’t forget to drink the sweet milky chai and spicy pakoras at the tea stalls dotting the hills.