This New Pet Store Donates A Part Of Its Profits To Dogs In Need

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Wrap In Fur

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What Makes It Awesome

As a new pet store where every person involved is a pet parent, I knew I had to check them out. Wrap In Fur is an online pet store that makes its own anti-tick shampoo and dog planner and the best part is that they donate a part of their profit to help out dogs (and other furry friends) in need. 

The anti-tick shampoo called Tick Toodeloo helps get rid of ticks and fleas and also conditions your dog’s coat to help make it shiny and reduce shedding. It’s made with ayurvedic ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil and is free of artificial fragrances so it won’t irritate their skin. The dog planner is a super convenient way of keeping track of all your pet’s appointments, vaccinations and other information for their next vet visit. Plus, it also has a section where you can leave instructions in case you have a pet sitter with their likes and dislikes or specific checklist to follow!

Price: INR 300 for Tick Toodeloo shampoo, INR 899 for the dog planner


They’re going to be launching some new products soon like a dry shampoo and paw balm.