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Experience A Complete Grandeur Experience At This Popular Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome?

Sahib Sindh Sultan, the restaurant is located in the mall of Banjara Hills. With its rich name, it has a rich ambience. Can you believe it that this place has a ‘Train’ inside the restaurant? From the shahi plate to the shahi food, everything was absolutely splendid and grandeur. Experience royalty at its best. They have a big waiting area which is equally polished and elegant. The food was absolute ‘Lajawab’, writing this blog reminds me of the taste still and is making my mouth water.

When you visit Hyderabad, do visit Sahib Singh Sultan for a lavish and ultimate and appetising experience
So let’s rail through the food,

Non-Alcoholic drink
-Sahib Ka Panah - Categorised under ‘The Great Indian Peninsular Railway’ of the menu, consists of the tarty taste of pineapples along with cumin. The tilt of Tropical fruit with Indian blend to it. Refreshing and best to start your meal with.

-Thompson’s Atta Chicken - When the waiter bought this dish to serve my 1st reaction was like ‘Eww!! Looks soo disgusting’ as it had spikes on its coat. But as the waiter began to cut the spiked atta coating, the aroma of the food, simply kept me excited and inquisitive to know what’s in and as the waiter cut off the atta completely, well some really delicious chicken was treasured within. Chicken well spiced and marinated overnight and served with banana leaves and cooked with atta coating. This entire combination is cooked in slow tandoor. An exceptional presentation consisting of a coat of thick wheat dough in spiked form. Different preparation and finger licking moreish taste!!

-Makhmali Murg Tikka Masala - Succulent pieces of chicken with buttery taste fused well with chicken tikka pieces. Thick gravy with a pinch of spice and sweetness of butter. Well tasted with Butter Naan.
-Jhinga Jalandari Style - Balti Preparation with fresh white prawns in a thin gravy of tomato and Well tossed in pepper. Yummilicious dish.

-Lychee ki Tehari - Can you expect Lychee been used in dessert and making it taste scrumptious? Sahib Sindh Sultan, can make unique fusions and make them taste delicious. Lychee ki Tehari is fresh Lychee mixed with cream and Rabdi. Some serious sweet tooth effect. Royally luxurious and rich in taste.

Sahib Sindh Sultan is the best place to experience royalty and satisfying food. A must try the place. When in Hyderabad, do visit this place.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing!! Everything out here is absolutely amazing!!👌🏻

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae