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It's Time You Go Cruelty Free With These Skincare & Makeup Brands

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Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul. And it's on us to be the voice for the voiceless and protect their lives to coexist. One of the dark secrets of the cosmetic industry is animal testing which is as gruesome as it sounds. Poor creatures like bunnies and puppies are confined to harsh conditions and injected with formulas that are lethal for life. The good news is that many homegrown brands have become aware and started to put an end to this inhuman process.

In fact, many countries have banned animal testing and this is just the first good step. Here are amazing Indian skincare and makeup brands that are cruelty-free and worth the bucks. Most brands mentioned are approved by PETA and/or FDA approved. How to check that? Look for any of a bunny or a leaping bunny logo on the packaging or you could run a search on PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies data. Some brands make mention of being cruelty-free on their official sites/handles (still in process of obtaining a license) or have PETA/FDA approved written on them which makes it easier. 

Disguise Cosmetics

PETA approved and popping -- Disguise Cosmetics is one of the country's first beauty brand's to encourage clean and cruelty-free makeup. They are our one of our top picks also because they are super affordable (under INR 700) and well-made and formulated. From products that will help you perfect your base like stick highlighters, and glow oils to high stay nail polishes, kajal and best-sellers: highly pigmented and great colour payoff lipsticks -- their range can give expensive brands a run for their money. Also safe to say they are turning into a cult favourite in the country!

House Of Make Makeup

House Of Makeup

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If you're a makeup junkie, you might as well makes sure the products lying around in your vanity is from a cruelty-free brand. To do this and get here is easy, especially with House Of Makeup and yes, like this homegrown brand's name suggests -- it has everything you can think of when it comes to makeup. Their also vegan and free from harmful chemicals, so skin-friendly together with being animal-friendly. They've got options for nails, lips and eyes. Some of their products like the eyeliner and They've got options for nails, lips and eyes come highly recommended, if you'd want to join the cruelty-free bandwagon. 

Basil Skincare

Basil Skincare

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Did you know about this affordable Indian brand that loves animals as much as we do (taking the vocal for local route)? Basil Skincare has an array of products that will revive your skin in the long term and you can happily ditch all the chemical-filled products. The other products worth grabbing are Cinnamon & Clove Face Cleansing Oil and Ylang Ylang Hair Balm, and in bodycare, take your pick between their body conditioners (clary sage, sunshine roses), body moisturisers, and lip oils. 

Miva Naturals

MIVA Naturals

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As a brand encompassing both skincare and body care and little bit of makeup, we obviously know Miva Naturals will be a hit among many. But you must also know they're cruelty-free! Zero animal testing, just handmade and natural products is their mantra and we're celebrating. Their gorgeous lip balms in juicy red and poppy pink shades (that can also double as cheek tints) gets our 10/10. Also keep an eye on their  body scrubs with filter coffee, vanilla and berry or charcoal, and their luxurious natural body butters. 

Tinge By Sabrina Suhail

Tinge By Sabrina Suhail, as a revolutionary Indian make up brand, has been one of the strongest advocates of going cruelty-free and if that's not a good enough reason to hoard on their products, here's another one, their lipsticks are custom made vegan, and cruelty-free! And Sabrina is the world's first to do bespoke liquid colour. The lipsticks and the Bamboo Fibre Lip Scrub from here are already a rage in the beauty community. Yes, their products are slightly on the expensive side, but hey, you're paying for all things good. FYI, we weep for how good their existing lip shades match the Indian skin tones. 

Echt Beauti

Echt Beauti

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Echt Beauti is another up and coming beauty brand in India with some fine reviews from influencers as well. TBH, they don't have collections as big as the brands we're used to, but if you're a beginner, you'll find everything you want here under a budget. And of course, of great quality. Their waterproof gel eyeliner is mighty bold but it is their pot lipsticks that can be used as cheek tints too and the velvet matte lipsticks that has made a storm in the makeup world, so they're a worthy purchase. 

Plum Goodness


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Coming to basics, most of the face washes and moisturisers that you've used might not have been cruelty-free. But no worries, now you know. If you're apprehensive when it comes to skincare basics, you can trust Plum, as many others have. Recognised by PETA, go for their Bright Years All Day Defence Cream and Olive and Macadamia Mega Moisturising Hair Mask. You're welcome. 

Boss Lady Cosmetics

One of the latest PETA approved cruelty-free makeup brand, Boss Lady Cosmetics makes it to the list for its ace reviews all over social media. Their Hug All Day Waterproof Eye Flick and what they call Poplighters -- powder highlighters are two of their best sellers. They also make a bunch of highly moisturising and pigmented lipsticks in nudes and reds suited to the Indian skin tones.

Ruby's Organics

We love Ruby’s Organics for two reasons and here’s the first – all their products are made from ingredients that you’d find in skin-enriching lotions and potions to repair the damage that makeup does to your skin like almond, castor, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, glycerin, and beeswax. So, we’re completely sold on the brand’s idea of good-for-your-skin makeup products. They have a limited range of makeup that consists of lipsticks, concealers, and eye shadows that complement Indian skin tones. 

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry

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Juicy Chemistry has got all sorts of goodies that are max refreshing, they feel like they're coming straight out of the earth. From the rustic, no-nonsense packaging to the no-frills texture of their products, it's clear chemicals were not invited to this party. You can gatecrash this party by getting their gourmet soaps. Argan Shampoo, and Maca Root Face Mask. 


Since you're into clean skincare and beauty, we know you will appreciate this list of Best Vegan Beauty and Vegan Makeup Brands and Chemical-Free Skincare Brands too. We've only lined up the best!

With inputs from Apoorva K.