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Squeaky Clean Beauty Brands Handpicked By Sustainability Blogger Malvika Rao

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On my sustainability journey, I also wanted to make the switch to cruelty free and clean beauty products. But do remember don’t throw out what you already have - the most sustainable option is what’s in your dresser!  The makeup scene in India has remarkably shifted in the last few years. Consumers are on the lookout for clean, natural and cruelty-free brands that are of high quality and are better for the planet. Many of these brands also have the added benefit of being more sustainable -they have taken conscious steps to incorporate recycling programs, refillable bottles, etc.  Cruelty-free makeup basically means that the products aren’t tested on animals. If you are looking at making more conscious buying decisions,  the goal is to minimize your impact on the environment and other living beings - so by choosing cruelty-free products you are taking a step in that direction. Here are some amazing cruelty-free brands you can choose from 

DIsguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics is one of the first homegrown PETA approved vegan and cruelty free brands in India who focus on delivering quality products without harming any living beings. My personal favourite is their range of liquid lipsticks which are not only comfortable on the lips but so long lasting! They also have highlighter sticks, customizable eye shadows, matte lipsticks, nail polishes, and the famous multipurpose Rainbow oil. They have even taken a step towards sustainability by starting a recycling program where you send in your empties and Disguise Cosmetics sends this to an NGO who works towards ethical waste management. 

ASA Beauty

Asa Beauty

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Asa is leading the path with its movement in ‘Clean Awakening’. They have a range of quality products that are created with 92% natural ingredients, free from animal cruelty and come in resuable cases that have been crafted keeping aesthetics and luxury in mind.

Fae Beauty

FAE Beauty

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Fae Beauty's core principle lies in free and equal beauty and believe that makeup is for everyone. They have a range of multipurpose matte lipsticks and their brash gel which can be used for both your brows and lashes!

Ruby’s Organics

Ruby’s Organics’ line of makeup are created using locally sourced natural and organic ingredients with the intention to turn makeup into value added skincare. In fact they are the first Indian organic makeup brand which are completely devoid of chemical preservatives and yet create products that are beautiful and long lasting. I personally love their gorgeous range of liquid eyeshadow which are so multifunctional!

Other Brands Worth A Mention

Ilana Organics

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Other cruelty-free makeup brands include Boss Lady Cosmetics,  Kay by Katrina, Blur, and Spekta Cosmetics, Kiro Beauty,  Tsara Cosmetics, Klome EssentialIlana Organics, and Tinge by Sabrina Suhail. (The last two are available to shop on LBB!).

You don’t need to rush into adopting a sustainable lifestyle - in fact, start slow and soon you’ll realise that you’ve made so many sustainable changes that not only help our planet but even improve your own quality of life. The key is to be intentional with your actions and as consumers make better purchasing decisions. I hope this roundup of brands will help you kickstart your sustainable journey today!

Editor's Note: If you're looking for more vegan makeup and makeup brands, check our list here, and if you're looking for vegan skincare brands go here. You can follow Malvika here.