Chai Pe Charcha: Go To This Kiosk In Madhapur For Tandoori Chai & Bun Maska

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CLUBS Tandoori Chai in Madhapur is your go to for a cup of chai with a twist. If you love tandoori roti, tandoori chicken, there's no reason for you not to love their special tandoori chai.

Great For

Tandoori Chai, Lassi

What Makes It Awesome?

Served in kulhad, the tandoori chai has a smokey flavour like none other. The process involves matkas arranged in a tandoor for long hours (3pm onwards), being fished out skilfully, and half cooked special chai is poured into it until it bubbles and eventually settles down. It is then poured into a clean mud glass (kulhad) and served at a mere INR 30. The smokey essence from the tandoor lasts long after you've gulped down the milky tea, and is definitely a good change from the regular chai. Apart from tandoori chai, they also serve lassi and many other beverages, hot and cold. But, we recommend pairing your tandoori chai with a bun maska and making chai time cherish-able.

What Could Be Better?

The tea stall is only a kiosk, and therefore the seating options are limited. 


Don't sip on the chai as soon as it is served because you might end up burning your tongue. Wait for a minute or two!