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Food For The Soul! Order In These Comfort Food Dishes & Enjoy The Weather

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Momos, Maggi, khichdi, chai, and biscuit — these are nothing gourmet but if the heart wants comfort foods, that's what we give it. While we don't advice you to step out if there's no way you can make it at home, here's where you can order some from. 

Mumbai Pav Bhaji Khichdi

Isn't khichdi food for the soul? If you agree, you have to order khichdi from Khichdi Experiment. Our pick is the Mumbai Pav Bhaji Khichdi which is all sorts of spicy. 

Bun Maska

Chai Point

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We're Hyderabadis, of course, we have our biscuits with chai but what about bun maska? If the thought of a fresh-out-of-the-oven bun is comforting to you, Chai Point has Tutti Fruitty Bun Maska that would go well with your chai

Steam Darjeeling Chicken Momos

Momos and thukpas have become synonymous with comfort food, and you know what, you can order them all from Wow! Momo. Steamed or fried, however, you like it, you can order combos. Our pick is Steam Darjeeling Chicken momos in non-veg and Pan Fried Veggie Momo in Garlic Sauce for a vegetarian option.

Chicken Sandwich Shawarma

We can't live in Hyderabad and forget shawarma. We know authentic shawarmas taste the best, hence, we recommend you order some from Wander - Shawarma & Momos. Their Chicken Sahan (meat bowl), and Chicken Sandwich Shawarma is quite talked about. 

Hot & Sour Spicy Maggi

Can't end the list without Maggi. We're no traitors. Regular Maggi can be made at home, but what's the fun without some zing? Maggiz & More has a lot of variety in Maggi like Chicken Fried Maggi, Butter Fried Maggi, and Hot & Sour Spicy Maggi which is our personal pick.