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If You Haven't Eaten At This Iconic Chaat Place, You've Eaten Nothing At All

Sunaina posted on 27 April


Winning hearts since nearly 50 years, Gokul Chat is the most popular snack place in the city. No trip to Koti is complete without demolishing their Samosa Ragada.

Foodies Paradise

Boisterous, aromatic, frolicksome — this is how we’d describe our experience at Gokul. Forever bustling with foodies, it opens its shutters at 8.30 am and runs full-house till 11 pm. Craving Kulche Chole for breakfast or want to have a crazy start of your day with chaat – then Gokul is your bae. Premchand Vijayavarg started this chaat bhandar in the 1970s, and it’s still run by him and his family. On approaching the store, you’ll find it rather amusing to see the crowds spilling out on the streets waiting for their turn to step in. But once you’re in, the chaat and the pav bhaji are swiftly ladled on plates and passed to the customers. With no seating area in sight, you got to rub shoulders with fellow foodies for a true gastronomical episode.

Cramming Down The Best

On popular demand, we started off with Cut Mirchi Ragda {generous helping of ragda is poured all over mirchi bajji} and Masala Puri {crushed pani puri with ragda} and gasped for breath because of all things spice and flavourful. After quickly perusing the menu, we moved on to Cutlet Ragda, Papdi Ragda, and Cold Dahi Missal. While the Cutlet Ragda was extremely hot and saucy, the Cold Dahi Missal was a different ball game altogether. Let’s just say that it was a tangy mix of sweet and sour, and we think you should try this on your visit to Gokul. For us, these dishes were a clear winner over the Papdi Ragda, which gets a mere meh from us. We washed up the meal with kulfi and softy ice-creams {pick flavours of your choice: is it vanilla and chocolate or vanilla and mango?} and walked out in glory.

Price: INR 10 upwards

Timings: 8.30am to 11pm

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