Forget Flowers, Gift Someone A Hot Air Balloon Ride Or LED Greetings With This Brand

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If you know someone who would be amazed by little and grand acts of love alike, you should totally check out the unique gifting options at Oye Happy.

What Makes It Awesome

Set up in 2014, Varun Todi and Harshvardhan Khemani are the masterminds behind Oye Happy. What began as a hit surprise organised to help a friend has become an inter-city go-to for gifting and experiences. From digital portraits, LED greetings, name in a frame, a message in a bottle to gifting trees, as well as sponsoring a child’s education in the name of the recipient — a lot is possible through this brand. Not grand enough? Well then, let us tell you that you can also send a big fat gift right at your loved ones’ doorstep, quite literally. It consists of balloons and more gifts within! You can also gift experiences like horse riding, parasailing, snorkeling, date inside a pool, hot air balloon ride, furry retreat (where you get to play with pups, double yay!) and much more.

The company is all about making your bae happy, and you can see the lengths they are going for it by offering the craziest of experiences that will appeal to people of all kinds. No matter what your interests are, or what your personality is, there is something for everyone here. Move over the ordinary gifting experience of just bringing a cake to a party and go big with Oye Happy’s surprises inside the cake! Make memories to last a lifetime, and all in a budget that suits your pockets. The surprises at Oye Happy range from as low as INR 399 for a small gift box to lakhs of rupees based on the experience you want. So, get on their website, and select a gift or experience. Locals can also visit their newly launched retail store inside Inorbit mall to discuss ideas and to plan surprises.


Ever loved someone so much that you’ve wanted to name a star after them? Oye Happy will make that wish come true too. You can not only name one star in the sky after your loved one, but two close to each other after yourself and bae and truly make your gift out of this world for a mere INR 2,450. You can also buy an acre of land on the Moon for bae (Say what?).