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Did You Know There's A Scenic Picnic Spot Hidden Near Rajahmundry?

    What Makes It Awesome

    Be it to meet family or for a weekend getaway, if you're making a stop at Rajahmundry, splish-splash in Pinjari Konda waterfalls. Roughly two and a half hours away by road, this is a hidden picnic spot, ideal for families and anyone who is looking for a quiet getaway. Of course, you can expect water gushing in the waterfall from the Yeleru River during the monsoon season, but it's pleasant enough to have a dip during summers.

    With boulders and trees providing natural shade, if you're going there with a picnic in your mind, don't be surprised to see a lot of locals there. It's best to go there on bikes as the roads reaching the waterfall are narrow but you can also hire a car for the same.