Waffle Waffle: This Outlet In Kukatpally Serves Assorted Mini Pancakes

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What Makes It Awesome?

Whatta waffle is a small outlet in Kukatpally opposite to Almond house beside Lassi Shop, with a minimal seating arrangement for 5-6 people.
Visited here on a summer evening so started off with some thick shakes, so ordered,

Nutella thick shake: well it felt like a Nutella milkshake rather than a thick shake to me, to be honest, but the taste was really good.

Berrilicious: this Shake has real blueberries in it and you can feel that in every sip. A different and soothing taste.

Brownie fudge: This one has Chucks of brownie throughout the shake and I loved the texture of this Shake, not that thick but again was something we can always trust on trying.

Popcorn shakes: This is their signature shake and the taste of popcorn really made it unique from others. Something you must order if you are someone who wants to try new flavours

Moving to the waffles we ordered Blueberry Waffwich, KitKat Puffle, Belgian gems waffle, Waffle pops in bubble gum and coffee flavour.

Well coming to the taste I loved the Kikkat Puffle waffle compared to others, chocolate and definitely worth the sugar rush, also the gems waffle, well it's presented with whipped cream but I would always prefer Ice-cream over whipped cream for waffles

Blueberry Waffwich is not my kind as it felt mostly like some jam between the waffles. Tried the waffle pops and the waffles are really crispy, the bubblegum pop taste was similar to the big babool our childhood favourite and coffee waffle can be improved a little bit compared to the other flavours.

To get out of all the sugar rush ordered some pizzas they have only vegetarian pizzas soo ordered for peri peri mushroom and 4 spice waffle pizzas well the base was not up to the mark and a little improvement is needed with the base, also the mushroom pizza lacks the quantity of mushrooms which are generally needed. Overall a good one If the base can be improved.

To end with ordered some quenchers and their assorted mini pancakes, here again, pancakes with different premium flavours are just what you need for all those sugar cravings a perfect one.

Coming to the quenchers tried the Cool blue, coke float and mint mojito
Mint mojito was good, though I didn't like the coke float and the coke and Ice-cream were already mixed, cool blue lacks the original flavour of the blue lagoon or maybe the perfect taste yet a decent one.

What Could Be Better?

A little improvements in pizzas and quenchers are required

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Kids