OMG! Hyderabad Gets Its First 4DX Theatre & We're Queuing Up With Popcorn

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Movie lovers, here is a piece of news — PVR Cinemas has opened a 4DX Theatre in Irrum Manzil, Hyderabad. After taking an ecstatic backflip, we're making elaborate plans to go watch a movie, this weekend (What's it going to be — Aquaman or Glass?). For the uninitiated, 4DX is a brilliant experience that takes movie watching beyond 3D with high-tech motion seats and special effects like rain, fragrance, breeze, thunder lightning, and more. Taking all your senses into the count, this is an experience every movie fanatic must go for. The tickets are priced a notch up higher than other theatres at INR 350 per head. The caveat is there are no breaks and you cannot carry any beverages or turn up in delicate clothing. And if you're prone to motion sickness, it might not be a great idea. Nevertheless for the ones who are willing to take a shot at this wonder, go now.