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Where To Grab A Meal At Sarath City Capital Mall

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What's the next best thing after shopping at a mall? Checking out its food court, of course! We've scouted the food court in Sarath City Mall, and picked a few of our favourites. Let's get eating, shall we? 

Gabru Di Chaap

Don't eat meat anymore but miss the taste? Gabru Di Chaap has to be your haunt. These folks whip up amazing delicacies using soya chunks, and we've got to admit — the texture definitely reminds you of chicken. From wraps to biryani, they've got an awesome range of soya dishes like Malaai Chaap, Kamaal Di Amritsari Chaap, and Kinni Sohni Boti Chaap.  

Vivaha Bhojanam

If you're someone who cannot settle for anything other than a heavy meal, look for Vivaha Bhojanam. It's as Telugu as it sounds and the flavors are delicious. Bringing local delicacies from all the parts of the Telugu states, they have dishes like Golconda Kodi, Chepala Vepudu, Rajahmundry Royyalu, and Mirapakayi Mushroom. Sounds like a map on a plate, right? If you can tolerate your spice, you'll be licking your fingers by the end. 

Beijing Bites

Located in the newly opened food court on the fourth floor, Beijing Bites is for all of you who love Indo-Chinese dishes. Go for the Mushroom Pepper Salt or a classic Chicken 65. We ditched the mains and went straight for the steamed momos. Plus, you cannot skip on their Kung Pao Chicken and Hakka noodles. The only downside is, their food is slightly greasy.

Taco Bell

Hyderabad loves Taco Bell for all the right reasons. Along with their diverse menu, they brought good deals that are irresistible. Swanky ambience, dim lights, pop music, graffiti walls, wooden decor, and a dark theme — Taco Bell has a groovy vibe and Mexican food that you cannot miss out on. We're talking about Quesadillas, Tikka Masala Burrito, rice bowls, and meals. 

Gourmet Baklava

We are in love with Gourmet Baklava, and now that they've opened up in Sarath City Capital Mall, we're signing up for all the sugar rush. Treat yourself to a ginormous amount of baklava varieties which is a dessert made of layers of filo and filled with chopped nuts is held together by honey or sugar syrup. Or try out Cheese Kunafa, a filo pastry dough filled with cheese and cream and soaked through with rosewater and syrup.


Mycreamchip was once a food truck, and they've now opened a kiosk in this mall. Go for their ice cream sandwich or a Pizookie where a pan cookie is baked and infused with Nutella or caramel. Plus, they've got cookie packs and sundaes too. Mark our words and go for Cookies & Cream Sandwich, and you'll fall in love with the gooey and chewy texture.