Tandoori Coffee? A New Taste For All Coffee Lovers

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What Makes It Awesome?

Being a coffee lover went here to taste the tandoori coffee as this is the only place where tandoori coffee is available.

Basically, this was first a chai place and Maggi is served which is later renovated and some seating arrangement is added. After renovation, they even added tandoori coffee with their famous tandoori chai.

Presenting you the glance of the first ever tandoori coffee of Hyderabad. "In this unique coffee making process, Kulhads(small clay pots) are roasted in a pre-heated tandoor. Then, coffee is poured into the extremely hot Kulhads to bubble over as it finishes cooking. The hot clay pot gives the coffee a smoky flavour and the usage of continental coffee gives you a strong coffee flavour.

The above process is similarly repeated with chai to make the tandoori chai and the masala Flavour of chai is completely felt with the smoky taste. Started with some french fries they serve many variants of fries. We ordered barbeque fries, cheese Chipotle fries, and tangy mustard fries. Cheese Chipotle was a win compared to the other two. But all were good.

Moving to the Maggi we wanted to try their special Maggi dishes and ordered tandoori Maggi, peri peri Maggi, Schezwan Maggi and Kadai Maggi. They have 3 versions of all their flavours. One is normal other two are add-ons of cheese or veggies. We opted for cheese in all the variants. of all the flavours Peri peri and tandoori Maggi are my personal favourite. And the peri peri flavour was so perfectly felt. Just like the peri peri flavour of Pringles.

Because of the peri peri we were craving for some sweet and ordered for Nutella sandwich. But I felt that the taste of the chocolate sauce is dominating the taste of Nutella. Though for that price it's ok.

They also started serving the chocolate milk and the consistency was so good and thick. Not as a milkshake but yes thick Enough to feel the flavour of chocolate. They serve two versions of it. One is with ice-cream and the other was without ice-cream.

They also have variants of lassi which are also served is Kulhads. Also, they use steel straws which is something sustainable. They throw away the Kulhads and won't reuse them so if you want you can bring them as a souvenir and make it as a canvas for your DIY skills. We ordered two variants of lassi, dry fruit and rose. I guess they can be improved a little though.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500