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Liquor Lockers To Stash Your Booze To Golf Course Views: You MUST Go To This Restaurant

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The Glass Onion — a new restaurant by Fusion 9 is tucked inside Boulder Hills and it overlooks the boundless golf course and the humungous buildings behind it. Plus, waffle fries that will make your day!

What Makes It Awesome

The walk that leads to The Glass Onion is like a passage that is adorned with fresh flower pots and plants. The rocky outdoor makes space for high-table seating where we'd settle for sipping on cocktails during the sunset. The indoor seating has a different charm, altogether. Done up in blues and whites that accompany the warm lights, we'd choose this for our date nights. The menu is composed of fusion dishes (Like all the Fusion 9 restaurants) and we decided to go with Three Way Mushroom Blend, Korean Waffle Fries, and Spicy Bangkok Bowl.

While the soup was an ideal start to the meal, the Waffle Fries were basically potatoes that looked like mini-waffle fries and tasted like honey chili potato. The Spicy Bangkok Bowl came with a spicy gravy and jasmine rice, and this dish is what we'd go back for. For dessert, there's always a Deconstructed Apple Pie or Thandai Panna Cotta but if you're looking to end your meal on a boozy note, the signature cocktails like Apple Pie On Rocks or Spiked Raspberry Tea await. 

We are giving all the brownie points for the Liquor Locker it has. Got yourself a bottle of whiskey or rum and couldn't finish it? The restaurant allows you to store the bottles in a locker (and hands you the key) for you to consume on your next visit. If this doesn't drag you to the restaurant, we don't know what will. Plus, taking your SO for a date here will earn you some brownie points too! 

What Could Be Better

The restaurant really needs to do something about the mosquitoes. 


Your maps will take you to a site of under-constructed buildings, so be sure to add Emaar MGF Boulder Hills to reach the restaurant. Also, if you prefer solitude, go here from Monday to Wednesdays, as it gets super crowded on the remaining days.