You Could Volunteer At These Top NGOs That Are Keeping Animals Safe

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It is becoming increasingly important to make people aware of the fact that this world is not just for humans, but for animals too. Here is a list of some of the best animal shelters in Hyderabad that are doing some great work for animals as well as some places you can volunteer at to do your bit for them.

Blue Cross, Jubilee Hills

One of the most popular shelters in Hyderabad, Blue Cross has been a home for neglected and abandoned animals in the city. They regularly hold adoption drives to encourage people to give these animals a home. If you find a hurt stray, drop them off at Blue Cross so that these kind folks can nurse them back to health.

Timings: 10  AM to 1 PM, 2 PM to 5 PM, closed on Sundays

People For Animals

This isn’t any regular shelter. Here, the whole team is very hands-on and perform wildlife rescues, implement animal laws and conduct awareness drives at different platforms. They rehabilitate sick and abused domestic animals as well as help in fostering. Over the years, they have provided healthy homes for a lot of animals.

Timings: 9.30 AM to 6 PM, closed on Sundays

Deven's Hope

Run by Deven Baheti, Deven's Hope is an animal rescue and rehab home. Deven has rescued more than 300 cats and dogs. He also puts up information on adoption drives on Instagram. You can also contribute to this registered NGO in the form of food or money.

Timings: 2.30 PM to 7 PM, closed on Mondays