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Heading To Kukatpally? Here’s Where You Should Grab A Meal

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Kukatpally is one of our favourite destinations when it comes to food. From Andhra meals to cafes, it has something for everyone. Yup, the options are endless. We know it is difficult to choose one place when you have so many options. Worry not, for here is a list of top places to eat when in Kukatpally.

Delicious Biryani

Delicious Biryani has turned into our regular hangout spot and how. You’ve got to try their manchuria, noodles, and biryani. They also have great shawarmas, and all of these are priced affordably. It is a great place to hang out with a large group of friends. So, the next time you’re hanging out in Kukatpally, you know where to go.

Cafe Cupz

Cosy, cute and an ideal place for a date — Cafe Cupz located has a serene ambience with warm lights and homelike decor accents. It only gets better in the evenings with the beautiful sunset. Try their Grilled Chicken Salad, Spicy Italian Pizza, Penne Pasta or Mexican Chicken Burger. They have good coffee, and a wide selection of teas, mocktails and shakes. They also have few board games, so hey, turn it into a board game night, maybe?


Barcelos located in Forum Sujana Mall is one of the most popular outlets in Hyderabad. The place is a little expensive on the pocket. But their food, ambience, and drinks are worth it. Try their Coconut Butterfly Shrimps, Tostada Chips Bowl, Peri Peri Chicken Wings, Chicken Steak, Mac and Cheese, Sizzlers, and rice bowls. The place also has live sports screenings. So hey, make plans with your Manchester, Chelsea or Liverpool squads already?

Gappe Vappe

Our love for chaat takes us to places and it took us to Gappe Vappe and our lives have changed forever since then. Gappe Vappe is a treat for pani puri and chaat lovers. Demolish their Vada Pav Sliders, Dahi Samosa Chaat, and Panipuri. But our favourite has to be Pav-Bhaji Fondue. Also, the food is presented so aesthetically that it’s Insta-worthy.

Sandwich Eatery

Sandwich Eatery is tucked in a tiny lane and sometimes you can miss it. But what you cannot miss are their superstar sandwiches. They have several options and variants that it will take you time to choose from because they look and sound so good. Try their Mint and Cheese, Paprika and Jalapeno Chicken, Paprika Corn, Peri Peri Paneer and so much more they have to offer. They also have sweet sandwiches worth drooling and gobbling in one go.

Biryani Vs. Pulao

Biryani is our favourite and it’s a classic. But this humble dish pulao is comforting and reminds us instantly of ghar ka khaana. Biryani Vs. Pulao has simple traditional seating that is quite homelike. With different varieties of pulao, biryani, mandis, and a few more rice-based dishes, it will become one of your favourite places in Hyderabad. Head over to this place and decide what you love more, the spicy and flavourful biryani or the makes-my-heart-happy pulao.