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Escape To These Weekend Getaways Only 8 Hours Away From Hyderabad

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We take every opportunity we get to plan a getaway with our friends and get going on a journey. It's always fun to head to a farmhouse or a resort for the weekend but on some weekends we love hopping into the car and go on a quick escape. We made a list of scenic places within eight hours away from Hyderabad,


Maredumilli is a sleepy hamlet in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. If you haven’t visited Kerala and want to get a glimpse of it, Maredumilli might just be it. Known for its greenery, coffee and pepper plantations, a picture book from your childhood transpires into a reality here. Go here for the bamboo chicken and discover a charming tribal lifestyle.There’s also Madanakunj to spot various species of butterflies and wild animals. This area also abounds in waterfalls like Jalatarangini, Rampa, and Swarnandhra. Stay overnight at Jungle Star Camp Site, a riverside camp that lets you explore the woods of Eastern Ghats.

Distance from Hyderabad: 429 km

Getting There: You can either take a train or a bus to Rajahmundry and travel via road, which is 85 km away from Maredumilli. The road trip from Hyderabad to Maredumilli is also worth doing as you cross the scenic vistas of Rajahmundry, Bhadrachalam.

Best Time To Visit: Winter months - November to December. 


A quaint temple town in Karnataka, Pattadakal lies on the bank of Malaprabha River, which is a tributary of River Krishna. While this town is the home to the temples built in the 7th and 8th century, it’s only a couple of hours away from Badami, which is also a town worth exploring for its caves and Agastya Lake. At Pattadakal, get deluged in the architecture of the temples and the ruins. But go here to have a relaxed holiday.

Distance from Hyderabad: 413 km

Getting there: Although you can take an overnight train from Secunderabad to Badami and reach Pattadakal via road, we recommend a road trip because it takes lesser time.

Best Time To Visit: October to March.


We’re sure most of you might have visited Suryalanka since it’s a popular beach. Located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, it’s a mere 6-hour drive from Hyderabad. A road trip to this beach takes you through sprawling fields and coconut trees. We recommend camping or booking a cottage on the beach for you to catch the exquisite sunrise and indulge in some bay-side BBQ. While beach volleyball is an option, trying having a chat with fishermen and see if they take you on their journey of fishing.

Distance From Hyderabad: 384 km

Getting There: Not interested in a road trip? Then take an overnight train from Secunderabad to Bapatla, and reach Suryalanka which is 15 minutes away.

Best Time To Visit: December to February 


Hampi in Karnataka is for the adventurer in you. This temple town immerses you in its 7th-century temples and ruins, but there’s a lot more you can do here. The best way to explore Hampi is through a bike or cycling, which you can easily rent. Take a ferry and ride on the Tungabhadra river or get a flavour of how locals travel by going on a coracle ride. Also known for its food and little cafes, we urge you to try the meals at Mango Tree. Be sure to spend a night at the Hippie Island for a rather laid back evening.

Distance from Hyderabad: 383 km

Getting there: There are a plenty of options to reach Hampi via train, bus etc. but we recommend a road trip since it takes 8-9 hours.

Best Time To Visit: October to February. 


Surrounded by jungles and hillocks, Laknavaram is a lake town in Telangana that’s significantly known for its bright yellow suspension bridge. The bridge is spread over the lake, giving us a stunning view of not just the lake, but also the lush greenery that girdles it. While the stay and meal options are limited here, you can stay at the Haritha Resort, a lake view resort that also offers decent food. Go here for the boating, exploring the lake where the trees are submerged in the water, and come back, flood us with them Instagram stories.

Distance From Hyderabad: 213 km

Getting There: It’s a 5-hour drive from Hyderabad. You can also board a train or a bus to Warangal and reach Laknavaram via road from there.

Best Time To Visit: November To March


Perched on the Deccan Plateau, Bidar is a popular destination for a simple weekend getaway. Known as the city of whispering monuments, Bidar screams of a rich and vibrant heritage that’s more than 500 years old. Go here for exploring the magnanimity of the Bidar Fort, Gagan Mahal, Fort Royal Gardens, and more. On your way back, don’t forget to pack some Bidar goodness of Bidri handicraft products.

Distance From Hyderabad: 145 km

Getting There: It’s a 3-hour drive from Hyderabad, but you can also take a train or a bus that takes you to Bidar in more or less the same time.

Best Time To Visit: October to March


Think of incredible paintings of river gushing between serious of mountains. Well, that’s Papikondalu or Papi Hills. Ferry across the Godavari River and dash through the mountains to discover the various twists and turns of the hills. If you book yourself on a cruise package, you can have a delightful holiday that includes riverside camping under the stars (we recommend you check the availability of this before you book), local delicacies and seafood, Polavaram project etc. We think this is a trip worth taking in a lifetime.

Distance From Hyderabad: 434 km

Getting There: You can either take a train or a bus to Rajahmundry and travel via road, which is just 61 km away.

Best Time To Visit: October To January