Experience Hyderabad The Way You've Never Done Before With This Hyderabadi Boy

What Makes It Awesome

A journalist by profession and a pucca Hyderabadi by heart, Yunus Lasania hosts heritage walks every weekend. He will make you stroll through the narrow and lively streets of Hyderabad. From Qutb Shahi Tombs to Moula Ali Hills, you can explore the picturesque and oldest buildings in the city, and visit historical monuments that offer glimpses of the city’s golden era and essence. His walks last for one to two hours and the routes vary and based on the duration. Charges for the same are INR 100 per head, but if you want the route map to be provided, then it will cost you INR 150.

And guess what? Yunus's mother is a great cook and makes good Burmese food. So, if you are looking for some, you can reach out to him on Instagram. They provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals (which is a six-course meal). This will cost you between INR 500 to 600. So, get exploring and start hogging!


These walks can be exhausting, so keep yourself hydrated and wear something comfortable.