A New Venture In Kolkata!

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What Makes It Awesome?

BARishh is in town, people of Kolkata! BARishh is located in South City Mall, on the fourth floor. The theme of this place is based on nature and the ambience is very pretty, filled with vibrant colours. The wall is full of artificial green sheets of grasses along with various artifacts in it. There are hanging giraffes on the wall holding Chandelier. The whole place is pretty dope.

Coming to the food, we started with soup and starters. The best part is the naming, they refer the soup and salads as 'Dinbhar', starters as 'Chota Plates' and main course as 'Bada Plates'.

• Tomato Rasam and Garlic Bread- The name of the soup is 'Tomato Rasam'. By the name only, everyone can guess the flavour and taste of the soup. This soup was a fusion of tomato and rasam. The combination of the tomato rasam and the garlic bread was pretty amazing.

• Quinoa and Barley salad- The quinoa and barley salad, was extremely healthy and also very light.

• Avocado Galouti Kebab- We started with the Avocado galouti kebab, and saved the best for the last. We all have tried chicken and mutton Galouti kebab, but the avocado galouti kebab was something new. The avocado galouti kebab was served above a soft shell taco.

• Betroot chop- The Betroot chop was presented in a very beautiful form. The shape of the chop was completely round, served as four portions in a plate. The outer coat was crunchy and thin.

• Desi Buffalo Chicken Wings- Small wings of chicken, tossed with some spices and sauce, gives it a tangy flavour and was served hot. The taste of this one was no doubt great, and this one is very highly recommended.

• Something Fishy- I personally, am a big fan of starters and side dishes having fish in it. In this dish, the fish fillet was covered with flour and bread crumbs and then fried, in such a way that the fish was not at all oily. Something fishy can also be called as fried fish, the preparation was similar to that of fish and chips.

• Coriander Pesto Bhetki- The bhetki was soft as hell, tender and juicy. The bhetki was so soft, that you can easily cut it with your spoon only, you don't even need a knife for that. It will just melt into your mouth, and will surely make your mouth filled with water. A very highly recommended dish from this place.

• Lamb Boti Tacos- The lamb Boti kebab was served on a soft shell taco. Minced lamb pieces were thoroughly marinated, cooked and then grilled on a skewer.

• Moilee Khow Suey- Khow suey is a one-pot meal which is made with various exotic vegetables and boiled noodles along with a full bowl of soup. Exotic and healthy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, baby corns and many more.

• Daal Bati Churma- This dish was present in a very beautiful form. There was quinoa rice over a place having a basket made of papad above it, which had crispy ladyfingers in it and the whole plate was having the fragrant dal in it.

• Mushroom Jhaal Suji- Mushrooms cooked in the brown sauce was served with desi khichdi and sautéed veggies. The presentation was no doubt great. The taste of the khichdi was completely different.

• Bacon & Chorizo Biryani- This was the most unique biryani I've ever had. The biryani had slices of bacon and chorizo as it's toppings. People who don't know what chorizo is, it's a kind of pork sausage. The flavours and smell of the biryani will make you drool for sure.

• Grilled Butter Chicken with Quinoa and Cauliflower Pilaf- The butter chicken was not the one that we have in other places. Chicken fillet was stir-fried and then served with the butter chicken gravy on the top of it along with Quinoa and cauliflower pilaf.

• Shakarkand Churros- A good feast ends with a sweet tooth. The Shakarkand Churros, in other words, sweet potato churros were deep-fried. The crispy churros had brown sugar sprinkled all over them and were dipped into a rich chocolate sauce.

• Death By Halwai- Probably the best sweet dish I've ever had. This was a collection of four to five sweet dishes. There was a huge outer covering made up of milk chocolate. The chef poured liquid nitrogen on a rose and scrambled its petals all love the dish and started breaking the milk chocolate covering. Inside, there was boondi, a violet flavoured rosogolla, lyangcha and kulfi. The wholesome of all these sweet dishes was a bomb. You must have this.

We also tried sheesha, which was quite strong. Their hospitality was no doubt great. All of them were extremely professional and also quite helpful.