Go On A Food Tour Across India With Bombay Brasserie's New All-Day Dining Menu!

Bombay Brasserie

Ballygunge, Kolkata


Are you a foodie who would like to follow Bourdain's steps and travel around the country exploring food and culture? If you're nodding your head, then Bombay Brasserie is your next best bet (till that dream comes true). Because their new all-day dining menu has curated dishes that will take you on a trip around India.

What Makes It Awesome

Chilli chicken and chowmein may be comfort food at its best, but if you're up for a food soujourn across India you must head to Bombay Brasserie. The new menu touches all corners - from the best of north-east to the unexplored of west, small plates, big plates and street grills.

We began our trail at Amritsar with the chatpata Indian Chilli Fries, then went down south to Chennai and gorged on the rarely explored Tamil Burmese dish of Atho salad. The crispy suji bites topped with Bharuch peanuts were seriously on point and goes amazingly well with their drink Melon Magic.

Meeting up with buds late in the afternoon or have an informal meeting with a client? Schedule it at Bombay Brasserie and have their High Chai menu. The Shillong Shapala is unlike anything that you've ever tried before, and the spicy Guntur Podi chicken simply left us wanting more. Wash it down with their Kashmiri Bloom loose leaf tea.

if you are coming with the fam, the big plates are what you must pick. The silky smooth Jaipur Gatta Kadi that comes paired with ghee rice is a must-have. Or go for the red hot Kerala fish curry that comes with turmeric rice.


An all time favourite that you must-try when at Bombay Brasserie is their definitely delicious pina colada. And if you're a teetotaler then the Punjabi namkeen lassi.

Bombay Brasserie

Ballygunge, Kolkata