You Can Stay At This Gorgeous Cottage In The Jungle Just 3 Hours Away From The City

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What Makes It Awesome

Babli is a sustainable farm just three hours away from Kolkata with quaint mud cottages in the middle of lush greens.

Babli is a rural-action project in interior Birbhum. Apart from the general work they do (which includes traditional and sustainable farming methods and rejuvenating the depleting forest cover through minimal intervention), they also have a guest house where you can book a stay. The 12.5 acres of farm has ponds, an orchard, vegetable garden, and a barn.

Want to spend a couple of days in absolute peace? Babli’s guest house is just close enough to the highway to calm your city-jitters and far enough away to give you a taste of nature. Clear skies, dazzling, starry nights, birds, butterflies and flowers – you’ll dump all your city woes when you come here. The lush greenery is panacea for eyes dulled by city greys.

Babli offers the basics — water and electricity, quaint cottages. Everything you eat here is sourced from their chemical-free farm, where they grow rice, wheat, seasonal vegetables, fruits, sugarcane, turmeric, ginger et al (they sell excess produce, so ask if you can take away a bag of fragrant and fresh veggies). They also have a huge variety of flowering trees and ayurvedic plants.

Regular rooms start at INR 1,200 in the off season (from April to August); family suite start at INR 4,500. You can also book dorm-like accommodation for INR 150-200 per person. The seasonal rates (from September to March) are marginally higher. 


They have a strict code of conduct (no wastage of scarce resources like water, for instance). They have built a forest in the middle of this barren land with sheer hard work. So, before you decide to reserve rooms at the guest-house, it is important that you have a clear idea about the nature of the project – as they mention clearly on their website, “please remember, we are not a ‘resort’, and make sure that you have thoroughly studied the applicable rules and regulations.” No fancy accommodation, no hotel-services; their guest house is an extension of their work. 

The project is located in Birbhum near Shantiniketan, about 160 kilometres from Kolkata. The drive will take you about three hours or you can opt to go via train. You can also book a car to take you around Shantiniketan or pick you up from the station.