Sip On Some 90s Nostalgia With This Kolkata-Grown Soft Drink

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All of us may not remember this brand, but when it comes to local soda manufacturers, Cottons holds a place of heritage in Kolkata.

What Makes It Awesome

This soda manufacturer holds the same status as Campa Cola of Mumbai or Sosyo of Gujarat. Cottons rings a bell to everyone from our grandparents' and parents' generation. It has defined many childhoods in Kolkata wherein people used to save money just to buy that one bottle of soda.

On a sultry Kolkata day, unwind with a bottle of Cottons. The are currently available in two flavours - lemonade and ice cream soda. You will get them in those typical 300ml bottles. Head to the Garden Cafe Express in Keyatala near Hindustan Park and you can grab a bottle for INR 25. We tried the lemonade flavour and the we can tell you that there is something unique about the fizz of a local soft drink company. The colour being almost close to Limca, the lemonade flavour had perfect amount of fizz and sweetness which gave it a distinctive taste to itself. There is also a paan shop just bang opposite Barbeque Nation on Park Street, where you can get a sip of this drink.