Soap, Honey Or Pickle: This Brand Has All Things Organic And Healthy Under Its Umbrella

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What Makes It Awesome

It’s about time we pull the plug on chemical, pesticides and preservatives laden food products and switch to the organic variety. Going back to nature in its purest form is the only way to ensure that only the good goes into our bodies. Future Organics’ is on a mission to offer gourmet organic products, which are hand-made with only the purest natural ingredients.

Future Organics offer a wide range of products that include dietary supplements, protein rich supplements, products for babies, hair growth, skin care, meditation, cosmetics, aromatherapy, relaxation and many more to promote a healthy life style. Moreover their traditional recipes will also help you in keeping the Indianness of your meals intact so that your dining table does not look completely invaded by the West. I swear by their Lotus Flower Jam. Made of sun dried flower petals and organic honey, this one is a treat. Another one that really caught my attention is their Gulkand Organic Jam. Morning jam toast for paan, anyone? If you like having honey with warm water or green tea, try their Pepper Thippili Honey. It works as a great immunity booster and has a host of other health benefits.

They also have ready-to-eat millet mixes, pickles, spices and drink mixes. I have also tried a couple of their soap bars as well. The Charcoal Tea Tree Bar was a real revelation - combined benefits of activated charcoal and tea tree oil worked wonders on my sensitive skin type. Definitely reordering this one. Check out their website for all that they have to offer.