Try Out These Home-Grown Honey Brands That Will Sweeten Your Tastebuds

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Honey is a natural sweetener that — if taken without preservatives — works wonders for the body. You can have it raw to cure colds, add it to smoothies, drizzle some on a scoop of ice cream and do a million other things. The next time you’re looking to buy a jar of honey, keep these organic local brands in mind. They provide a healthier product that is way better than store-bought ones. Trust me, you will notice the difference as soon as you taste them.

Pratapgarh Collective

Honey From Pratapgarh Collective

Pratapgarh Collective is a home grown brand that makes Raw Flower Honey. It’s a local brand making it our preference anyday cause #GoVocalForLocal! What peaked our interest about this brand is that the flavour in the honey is not artificially added or via preservatives. It actually comes from the pollen or the nectar of the specific flower. They also maintain the health factor in the honey and retain all its properties like vitamins, enzymes, and pollen. Maintaining their motto ‘from bee to bottle’, they ensure that the honey is not over heated or over processed! 

Societe Naturelle

Honey From Societe Naturelle

Societe Naturelle has partnered with various stores to sell their products. They have a wide range of beautiful honey with unique flavours like eucalyptus, acacia, mustard, and ginger, to name a few. Apart from being super yummy, they have brilliant medicinal qualities that keep you healthy. Perfect for those who have oats and green tea as their meals.

Pahadi Local

Honey From Pahadi Local

Jessica Jayne started this homegrown wellness brand in Mumbai, and now she is known throughout the country for her products. Apart from hair oils that nourish your scalp, she also produces healthy chips and two delicious honey flavours; Jamun and Multi-Floral. Their packaging has a lovely minimalist look that will make you want to order everything!

Honey Twigs

Honey From Honey Twigs

Now this a new way to have honey. Coming in small tube-like containers, they are easy to carry around and use. Just slurp while you’re going to work or for a run. The ingredients are sourced from the Himalayas, and that’s what makes it so good in taste. Try their litchi version and go gaga over it every morning for breakfast!

Februus Organics

Honey From Februus


With a source to bottle philosophy, all of Februus Organics products are sourced from their organic farms and bottled without the involvement of a middleman. The honey is sourced from beekeepers in villages in the Lolab valley and  Pampore region in Kashmir and Jim Corbett. They make sure to keep enough honey for the bees and villagers too, so it's fair and ethical. Try their saffron honey that's packed full of benefits for your body!


Honey From Nutriorg


Nutriorgs certified organic honey is completely natural and free from any artificial additives. Their honey is sustainably collected from natural forests in the Himalayas. Stirred in your green tea or drizzled on your toast, these are healthy alternatives to sugar!

Dr. Bees

Honey From Dr. Bee's

Dr. Bee's got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to their honey. They have everything from Tulsi Honey to Neem, Sunflower, Kashmir, Jamun and Ajwain. Each of these have a distinct flavour and health benefit that's sure to benefit you. Stir in your cuppa or pour over some pancakes to make the most of it. 

Under The Mango Tree

Honey From Under The Mango Tree

This non-profit organisation works with farmers across the country to bring good quality honey to your doorstep. The queen bee of the company, Vijaya Pastala, realised that the little communities in India collected and made a variety of honey, while the one you and I eat is the standard flavour. She thought of getting those different varieties into our lives, and help farmers make a decent living out of it as well. Some of the versions that they sell include Wild Forest, Dessert Blossom, and Litchi, among several others.

The Best India Company

Eastern Himalayan Forest Honey


'From the jungle to your table' - that's the mantra of The Best India Company. They ethically source the purest produce from the adivasis and farmers of our country and bring it to your breakfast table. Aided by the Murmu Tribe (adivasis from Eastern India), who regard the forest as their primary caregiver, TBIC collects the finest honey from the wild bee colonies of the Eastern Himalayas. Taking only what they need and what can regenerate, TBIC offers unheated and unfiltered honey in its purest form.