Broke But Thirsty: Hoppipola Has Happy Hours Almost All Day Everyday

    Shantipally, Kolkata


    With crazy offers almost every day of the week, Hoppipola is now our go-to place to down drinks when we’re broke {and they have ’90s music too}.

    It’s Always Happy Hours At Hoppi

    It’s literally ALWAYS Happy Hours at Hoppipola. All day on Monday and Tuesday, 4 to 8 pm on Wednesday to Friday and post 10 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday – that’s a lot of drinks for just INR 77. Not just your general hard liquor {whisky, vodka, rum} but also cocktails and shots {kamikaze and tequila!} are on the deal menu so you can have any as your pick of poison. Keep a look out for their special deals as well. They recently had an offer that let you drink unlimited amounts of beer until you had to pee!

    Want to experiment with your drinks? They also have really interesting and quirkily presented drinks. The Hoppi Bath Tub is  a rum-based drink with an upside down beer bottle that comes literally comes in a mini bathtub. The blood bank is another cool {and creepy!} drink – the drink comes set up like an IV bag and you have to sip through the straws. You can see the blood-coloured Bacardi-based drink run through the straw before you drink it. Bird cages, Wok boxes and even baby’s milk bottles – these guys pull out all the stops when it comes to presenting drinks creatively.

    The Night Of The Drunken Jenga

    Everybody who loves playing Jenga can I get an ‘Amen!’ Hoppi takes your fave family game to a whole new level. As soon as you walk in to the bar, you’ll see a giant Jenga set all ready for you to demolish. After you down a couple of their INR 77 drinks, add a bunch of tipsy friends and a game with giant wooden blocks and you’ve got a recipe for fun.

    The DJs also love to go old-school with their music. ‘90s kids, this place will be your jam. From Backstreet Boys to Enrique, they’ll remind you why you went through the ‘boy band obsession’ phase as a teenager. The crowd is also really chill. No one will stare if you stand up and start dancing right there near your table {there’s no official dance floor}, we promise!

    Anything Else?

    Hoppipola is now not just in Acropolis but in Mani Square too. Salt Lake peeps, you don’t have to get left out of all the fun.

      Shantipally, Kolkata