Summer Bucket List: Here's Our List Of 13 Mango Desserts You Can't Miss


    Summer is here and so is the king of fruits. It’s raining mangoes and who on earth would want an umbrella! Here is where all you mango maniacs should head for your fix this summer!

    Mango Pudding @ Kookie Jar

    Creamy, rich and perfect to drown your sorrows – head to Kookie Jar for their fresh mango pudding this season. Whipped up with love, rich cream and fresh mangoes, these are priced at INR 150 each. They have fresh mango cakes for your whole family at INR 1,500.

    Mango Montecarlo @ Bikers Cafe

    Layers of cake sponge, ice-cream, and mangoes – Biker’s Cafe is sporting a Mango Montecarlo {INR 175} that I just cannot get enough of.

    Tropical Dome @ Yauatcha


    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    It’s a piece of art, a painting and like a tropical paradise! Sunbathing on a tropical beach, sipping on a coconut and enjoying fresh mangoes anyone? Feel this and more while gorging on this beauty that Yauatcha Kolkata has designed especially for the season {INR 385}. Imagine a coconut sponge, mango mousse glazed with even more mango, touches of white chocolate and passion fruit along with a Pina Colada ice-cream.

    Mango Tart @ Little Pleasures

    This cutesy patisserie is all about finesse and perfection {founded by a Le Cordon Bleu graduate herself, expect only authentic and gorgeous}. Head here for their season special mango tarts with a vanilla base, their signature cream and diced Alphonso chunks. Priced at INR 110, these tarts are truly little bundles of scrumptious mango love.

    Mango Crumble @ Sienna Cafe

    Sienna Store & Cafe

    Hindusthan Park, Kolkata

    When you’re thinking of fresh produce and organic flavours that are so on point, Sienna is your go-to saviour in the city! I vouch by their moist cake slices baked fresh each day. This season they’re selling mango crumble cake slices (expect real mango goodness at INR 225) and we cannot be more excited.

    Mango Cheesecake @ Paris Cafe and Mezzuna

    Paris Cafe

    Available on LBB

    Ever thought how a classic good old cheesecake could be made better? Add loads of mangoes! Both the city hotspots for delish desserts – Paris Cafe and Mezzuna are whipping up special mango cheesecakes, priced at INR 189 and INR 250 respectively.

    Alphonso Waffles & Nutella Mango Crepes @Sumo Dough

    Sumo Dough

    Elgin, Kolkata

    Imagine bucket-loads of Nutella alongside the goodness of fresh mangoes. Yes, the food gods have listened to us! Sumo Dough’s mango mania festival lets you explore chocolate and mango linguini, mango mousse in cute little cups, mango Nutella king sundae and mango panna cottas. Our favourites were the waffles {INR 295} and crepes {INR 275} because of the combination of Nutella and Alphonso!

    Mango Panna Cotta @ Fabricca Della Pizza


    Bhowanipur, Kolkata

    Authentically Italian and perfectly light – the panna cotta at FDP just melts in your mouth! And guess what? They have a season special that screams out mango and vibrant Cinque Terre summers. Made with thickened sweet cream and yummy compote of fresh mangoes, get the sweetest taste of Italy at INR 250.

    White Chocolate And Mango @ To Die For

    To Die For

    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    Love white chocolate? Crazy for mangoes? You’re going to relish every bit of this special dessert which is truly ‘to die for’. Another insane combination – white chocolate and fresh mangoes create magic in this season special at this authentically Italian eatery. It is made of a mouse dressed with rich mangoes and served alongside a yoghurt sorbet {creamy, light and just the right amount of sweet and sour at INR 350}.

    Mango Ice-Cream Sandwich @Monkey Bar

    Monkey Bar

    Elgin, Kolkata

    Monkey it up this time, while stuffing yourself with mangoes instead of bananas at Monkey Bar’s ‘Mango Unchained festival (on till May 27). Think mango lassi kulfi, tarts and more. Our favourite though has to be the Mango Falooda Ice-cream Sandwich {INR 250} that screams out Indian mango-manic summers. The vibrant colours will give you your perfect summer Insta post.

    Mango Mousse Cake@ My Big Fat Belly

    My Big Fat Belly

    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    Fill your bellies with creamy and fresh mango mousse on a graham cracker and sponge base {INR 179} topped with fresh puree and consisting of mango chunks. Need we say more? Fat bellies and content hearts = perfect summers!

    Mango Popsicles @ Frozen Tree

    The Frozen Tree

    Salt Lake, Kolkata

    Relive those nostalgic school days with these ice-lollies from Frozen Tree. They have a special mango and coconut popsicle made with 100% real mangoes. Priced at only INR 110, finish your meal on a different note this summer with these cute little things.

    Aam Doi Tiramisu & Fresh Mango Roulade @ Flury’s


    Park Street Area, Kolkata

    Flury’s has been serving up some of the city’s best desserts every season. Their mango festival starts from May 19. They have only a tentative menu at the moment but the items sound ever so glorious and just had to make it to the list! These innovative specials are what we can’t stop thinking about – Aam Doi Tiramisu (could a dessert sound any better?) and the roulade are scheduled to sell for around INR 150 (final prices are still in WIP but should be around the same).