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Butter Chicken To Bengali-Style: These Are The 8 Khichdis You Must Have This Season

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Khichdi is comfort food at its best – a one-pot wonder that is perfect for the rainy season, you can have it with some bhaaja on the side. We hunted the city for some that stand out, whether traditional or done with a twist.

Traditional Bengali Khichuri @ Wabi Sabi

It may be a quick-fix for many Indians but in Kolkata, the khichdi takes on a gourmet touch with different ways of preparation, a whole ot of vegetable fritters on the side, omelettes, alu bhaja, some papad and more. Made with scented rice, mix vegetables and seasoned with ghee, Wabi Sabi’s version is lighter with a contrasting mix of vegetables with the traditional Bengali taste of the staple.

Price: INR 340.

Daal Risotto @ Chai Break

Is risotto the khichdi of Italy or is it the other way around? Mull over that as you savour the layered flavours of this fusion dish which blends Bengali flavours with a touch of Italian and is a sure winner.

Price: INR 325.

Bisibella Hulianna @ Tamarind

For Southern-style khichdi, head out to Tamarind in Deshapriya Park to sample the spicy bisibella hulianna, a medley of rice, lentils, and vegetables with fiery spices. Served with sides of papad, fried chilies and achaar, it hits all the right spots.

Price: INR 200+.

Butter Chicken Khichdi @ Monkey Bar

The Butter Chicken Khichdi at Monkey Bar is a spicy dish made with a combination of rice, moong dal and whole spices combined with butter chicken. It’s served with papad, kachumbar, ghee, raita and achaar. They have a vegetarian option with butter paneer.

Price: INR 440 ++.

Keema Khichdi @ Oudh & Naushizaan

Period dining restaurant Oudh 1590 has a Keema Khichdi as part of The Great Awadhi Biryani Festival that will be ongoing during the monsoon season. It has boneless mutton chunks and minced mutton mixed with special Awadhi spices and topped with brown fried onions.

Price: INR 375.

The other must-try keema khichdi is Naushizaan’s. Rice, broken wheat and a mixture of five different dals are cooked with minced meat and spices.

Price: INR 260.

Bhuna Khichuri @ The Bhoj Company

Check out how our neighbours Bangladesh does this dish with a plate of the Bhuna Khichuri at The Bhoj Company off Free School Street. It’s a dry version that comes in both palin and with juicy pieces of mutton.

INR 130+ (plain) and INR 250+ (for mutton).

Khichdi Risotto @ Ozora

This dish from Ozora is a perfect blend of khichuri and Italian risotto with carrots, peas, beans,etc. A chicken variant of the same is also available in their summer menu.

Price: INR 425/475 for veg/non-veg respectively.