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Get Some Flower Power At The 130-Year-Old Mullick Ghat Flower Market

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What Makes It Awesome

You can’t claim to have done Kolkata if you haven’t yet been to the iconic, century-old Mullick Ghat Flower Market. The jaw-dropping magnificence of the Howrah Bridge towering above makes  it a popular place for photography. Plus it is one of the biggest flower markets in all of Asia.

Mullick Ghat is a 130 year old flower market, the largest in Kolkata, and one of the biggest in Asia. People travel all over the city and suburbs to sell flowers here. Located right under the southeast end of the Howrah bridge, the market runs along the riverside. It’s primarily for people who want to pick up flowers for temple offerings and prayers. It is also a popular place for photographers who want capture Insta-worthy shots or a feel of the city. It’s a great spot to catch some of the most spectacular sunsets the city has to offer.

It is also located right next to the famous Jagannath Ghat, a heritage place for its European architecture style. It was constructed in the 1760s by an Indian. If you Google, you will find that many famous photographers {like Swiss photographer Sylvain Savolein} have taken photos of this place – of kids and people swimming and bathing at the ghat.

This market is an amazing sensory experience. You will be lost in the fragrance of the thousands of flowers, their colours and the bustle of the crowds that visit every morning when the fresh flowers arrive. If you’re into photography, this a great place to hang out with your camera. There are colours here suited for every frame and composition.

The place is also very informative if you want to know more about flower trade and commerce in this city. From people looking to buy flowers for early morning pujo to big swanky hotels come to this place for their daily floral needs. The market also exports flowers to different parts of the country, and even to Europe.

Look out for the Tagor phool – a white flower resembling jasmine, it is a market specialty that’s always in demand. You can also buy gendas in bulk. The grey footwalk here turns into a leaf laden green carpet that you have make your way through.

After shopping for flowers, people often sit at the tiny food carts around the place, sipping on chai from earthen cups with piping hot kochuri.


If you’re going to catch the flower market at its peak, go early around 7 am. The light is just right to catch the vibrant colours on frame, plus all the sellers arrive around this time with their fresh stock. But the place is open throughout the day till late evening, and can be visited at any time. Early evening is also a great time to be here to catch the sunset on the riverfront.