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8 Must-Have Desserts With Nolen Gur You Must Polish Off Before The Season Gets Over


    ‘Tis the season for nolen-gur, and we have picked out our eight favourite dishes for you to dig right in.

    Grilled Chicken Wraps with Nolen Gur & Darjeeling Chillies


    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    Let’s start with the starters. We have all heard of fusion desserts made with nolen gur but this savoury nolen gur dish is a first {who knew we could use nolen gur and savoury in the same sentence!}. The dish is exactly what the name suggests — at the core you’ll find chicken, which is wrapped, grilled and garnished with nolen gur and chillies. Don’t let the thought of chicken and nolen gur together scare you, the sweet and salt complement each other brilliantly. You’ll get it at Bohemian at Ballygunge, and one plate will set you back by INR 339+. If you love fusion food and are open to some adventure, this is a dish you must try.

    Nolen Gur’er Rosogolla

    The nolen gur experience is never complete unless you have it in the classic roshogolla. And who better to trust with rosogolla than stalwarts such as Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick and KC Das? You’ll get the softest, and juiciest nolen gur’er rosogolla. Make sure to taste the syrup, the syrup is what will give you the ultimate gur experience.

    Korra Pak And Norom Pak’er Sondesh


    Available Online

    If nolen gur’er rosogolla seems too sweet for your palate, sondesh can be your go-to dish. It’s light and not too sweet, it comes in various moulds and gets nolen gur just right. If you’re wondering what these are — korra pak is the more solid, harder mould of sondesh, and norom pak is the softer version. You can try both at Banchharam, they come for an easy INR 15 each.

    Nolen Gur’er Custard

    Mrs. Magpie

    Southern Avenue, Kolkata

    Mrs Magpie has introduced the classic nolen gur into their menu of desserts and it is quite the catch! Again, the dish is exactly what the name suggests — the classic custard with the nolen gur twist. You can try it at just INR 75+.

    Nolen Gur’er Soufflé

    Did you know that mishti giants Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is famous for not just for their classic Bengali sweets, but also for the variety of fusion desserts? {they pioneered the baked rosogolla!} Nolen gur is no exception — we totally recommend their nolen gur soufflé. It comes for just INR 30 a cup and is assured to give you a treat for the buck.

    It is very filling because the cream is heavy, so it’s best if you have it post-meal or when you’re super hungry. The Bhowanipore branch of the store however, doesn’t stock the soufflé.

    Nolen Gur’er Jolbhora

    Amrita Dhara

    Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

    Hard on the outside, soft on the inside — that’s what you call a jolbhora. This is one of the few desserts which has nolen gur in the original form — when you bite into the sweet, it oozes out from inside {our mouths are watering already!}. Jolbhora comes in various shapes and sizes, in the form of jugs, candles, etc. We had this classic jolbhora from Amritadhara, at Selimpur for just INR 15.

    Nolen Gur’er Ice Cream

    Finally, one of the most coveted nolen gur desserts of all. There were many close contestants for this one — but our favourite was that of Pabrai’s. It is the closest to the authentic nolen gur flavour — and brownie points for the extra nolen gur syrup topping! Try out a scoop of it at INR 69+ and it might just become your favourite ice cream flavour of all time. Other close contestants were Swissyum at Lords, The Wall, and 6, Ballygunge Place.

    Nolen Gur Cheesecake

    Hakuna Matata

    Park Street Area, Kolkata

    You know the kind of desserts that you specifically go to a restaurant for? Hakuna Matata’s Nolen Gur cheesecake is one of them. Loved by many Kolkattans {including a fair few food bloggers!}, the cheesecake is silky smooth. each serving has a large slice of cheesecake {which can easily be shared between two people} and is plated in a modern and minimalist way. The cake combines what you love about milennial food without losing the homey feels of nolen gur.