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We Scoured Kolkata For Savoury Pies & Quiches For Your Next High Tea

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Meaty, cheesy or loaded with spinach, we tried bakeries across the city to find the best pies and quiches for your next  date.

Cafe Drifter

One of our favourite Wi-Fi cafes to work out of, Cafe Drifter does a ham and cheese quiche that we find ourselves tucking into more often than our waistlines allow. Portions perfect for one person {they’re individually baked tarts}, it’s absolutely loaded {cannot emphasise just how loaded it is!} with ham. Not just a sprinkling over the top, you’ll get ham with every bite you take. What’s great is since the tart only needs to be heated after you order, it doesn’t take much time at all to be served so if you’re in a hurry that’s what you need to be ordering.

Mutton Shutton

Crustless mini meaty cheesy quiches — they taste even better than they sound! Mutton Shutton is a home kitchen which rustles up meaty delicacies at super-affordable prices. When you’re craving ham or your soul is calling out for bacon, place an order with them. The quiches although small are absolutely packed with meat and cheese and full of flavour. The fact that the quiches are crustless means you get full flavour of the filling without the distraction of the crust. Place your order here.

8th Day Cafe & Bakery

Veggie lovers, 8th Day Cafe has a light yet filling, healthy and green quiche just for you. They make a fresh spinach quiche which sits perched on their counter top. The spinach quiche is light and works well if you want something to kill your hunger before dinner. The slices run out fast, so if you come in the late evenings you may not get one.

Zee's Coffee Shop

Newly opened, Zee’s Coffee Shop has quiches that are baked fresh every day. The pastry is soft and crumbly while the quiche itself is light. Perch yourself on a high stool looking out on to the street while you enjoy a slice along with their signature coffee and great jazz music — it’s the perfect start to your day. We loved the quiche so much the first time around, we bought the whole pie {not just a slice!}. Every time you walk back in to the cafe, you’ll be tempted to tuck into it again {true story!}.

Mrs Magpie

Mrs Magpie slices up a chunky ham and cheese quiche. The slices are on the smaller side but we love the little slivers of ham, the cheese melted over the top and the perfectly-cooked pastry. Pro tip: get some packed, refrigerate it overnight and warm it for breakfast the next morning. With a hot cup of tea, there’s no better way to start the day.

La Maison Des Délices

After being closed for a while, they’re finally up and running again. If you’re looking to get some baked goods to-go, their chicken and cheese quiche is what you need to get. The chicken is chunky rather than in pieces {which gives it an interesting texture} and contrasts the super creamy cheese filling. If you catch them at the right time, you can literally get a quiche straight out of the oven.

Paris Cafe

If you love mushrooms, you must try the quiche at Paris Cafe. Savoury, perfectly balanced with the right amount of filling, it goes well with a cup of tea or coffee. Although it’s a little steeply priced for the portion, it’s got all the finesse of a quiche you would find at a Parisian Cafe.

Milee Droog Cafe & Bistro

Are you an adventurous foodie? Always looking to explore new cuisines, experiences and dishes? This Ratatouille Quiche at Milee Droog will be right up your ally. An interesting take on the French classic with mixed veggies, crisp pastry topped with oozy cheese!

Saldanha Bakery

An oldie but a goodie, Saldanha’s home-run bakery has recently started making chicken quiches. The pocket pinch won’t hurt in the slightest {they’re just INR 35 a piece and they’re pretty decently sized} so it’s a great option if you’re hosting a party or a tea. You’ll have to pre-order if you want your goodies {they don’t have an outlet yet}.