Kolkata's Tandoori Chai Is Winning Hearts And How

    Bhowanipur, Kolkata

    What Make It Awesome

    Launched last year, Bhowanipore's Eight8+ Kafe has been winning hearts with their tandoori tea, brewed with just the right amount of desi swag. Still not schooled on what tandoori chai is? Simply put, it's brewed chai that's made to cook on a smoking hot kulhar that's been roasting in the coal tandoor. Eighty8+ Kafe's tandoor chai has a good smoky flavour and comes with a dose of chai masala. So, if you're a masala chai-vinist then this new take will definitely win your heart. Served in an earthen kulhaar this is best complimented with a wafer rusk and is perfect for a rainy day. 

    Pro Tip

    If the rusk (the chai is served with it) doesn't cut the deal for you, then try Eight8+ Kafe's signature cheese corn balls to go with your cuppa.
      Bhowanipur, Kolkata