Drunch It Up: Pig Out On Over 40 Dishes & Sip Sangria At This Asian Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

Move aside, brunch! Drunch (drunken brunch!) is here and we are living for it. Say hello to lazy, boozy, foodie Sundays. With The Fatty Bao's Merry Drunch, pig out on a selection over 40 dishes, choose from a range of fruity Insta-worthy sangrias, drool over the live counters (we love the white-and-black tables set up piled with food manned by chefs who look like they can;t wait to feed you), jam out to some fresh and retro tunes from the DJ, and take gorgeous pictures with the Victoria Memorial in the background – here is where you need to spend your Sunday afternoons.

Start with a fresh salad (the raw papaya salad has our heart), follow it up with a bunch of small plates (the herbed grilled chicken skewers and sambal fish made us smile), gorge on their signature baos, choose a couple of light options from their dim sum trolley (we highly recommend the gyozas) and hover over the sushi live counter. You can get your sushi completely customised – the chefs at the counter will help you out with flavour combinations till you design the sushi of your dreams – with premium ingredients like seaweed, salmon and asparagus. Hog on thick, creamy curries and light wok-tossed noodles (not just the regular kind, they have Soba and Somen noodles as well) in a sauce of your choice, end it with the daintiest desserts from the dessert buffet.

Sitting pretty in the sunlight, the bite-sized desserts are to die for. Don’t miss out on trying the coco caramel, or get a dorayaki freshly made, and the other fresh fruit beauties!

You may have to dig deep into your pockets to enjoy this experience but it’s perfect for a celebration, end-of-week treat and if you’re in the mood to splurge. What’s also great is everyone comes dressed up to celebrate – you’ll see plenty of millennial pink floral dresses, sunnies perched on people’s heads – everyone in their Sunday best. Get ready to drink, dance and drunch!

Pro Tip

In the mood to pose with pretty drinks or need to cure your hangover, these pick-me-up sangrias will do all that and more. With white wine, red wine and rose bases, the range of fruity sangria is sinfully good. We have a soft spot for the Gari Fuzz (a white wine, Gari and peach concoction) and the Call Me Rose (a rose base watermelon and vodka firecracker of a drink).