We're Killing Our Lunch Woes With This Five Course Meal & It's Not Breaking Our Bank

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When ghar ka khana seems feeka or the lunch box just forgot to follow you to college or at work, you should just take your pack and head over to Irish House (better still go there alone!) because their lunch deal is too sweet on the pocket and on the palate to pass.

What Makes It Awesome

Hungry or hangry from lunch woes, Irish House has a deal that you just can't refuse. It's a five course meal we are talking about, so have no doubts that you won't get your fill. Appetizer, main course, side dish, dessert and a mocktail - there's a king size meal that is up for grabs, and it won't even break your bank.

Priced at just INR 495 (plus taxes) you get to grub on mini tacos, Moroccan chicken skewers, crispy chicken parmigiana, harissa grilled fish, sriracha chicken pizza, Mandarin couscous, creamy potato mash, cheese garlic bread, Hazelnut chocolate dome, honey walnut apple tart, (the list can just go on) and lots more. There's a whole gamut of options to choose from and you can pick one from each section to make your five course meal. There's also their mocktails to sip on, but if you haven't got a boss to manage at work post lunch you can always just add in the extra INR 95 to chill with a mug of beer or a glass of sangria. 

What Could Be Better

Adding the extra INR 95 doesn't sadly give you access to their cocktails. There's only beer and sangria to sip on.


The deal is available only between 12pm to 4pm, every day.