This Restaurant Has A Brand New Menu, Drop By Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

When I had first dined at The Coastal Macha, I was blown away by the flavours and the variety of coastal cuisine. This time, however, I went down to find quite a few new additions to the menu, which I was keen on trying. Interiors are basic and beach-inspired, so I wouldn’t recommend keeping high expectations. However, if you visit this restaurant, please do so for the food and catch up with the chef who is extremely passionate about the food and can take you through the whole journey of coastal cuisine. Their strength most definitely lies in seafood. That being said, the pork, mutton and chicken are top-notch as well.

After a quick chat with Chef Piyush, here’s what we rounded on: Prawn in mustard & mango sauce, Charcoal smoked Seafood Platter for appetizers. For mains, we had Doi Beckti, Malaikari Risotto with Gobindobhog rice, Pork Solantulem with Pao, Goan Seafood Pulao and Chicken Kerala Curry. Finally, to end the gastronomic meal, I went with Filter Coffee Crème Brulee. There are a few items that are exclusive to this restaurant – Prawn in mustard & mango sauce, Charcoal smoked Seafood Platter, Malaikari Risotto with Gobindobhog rice, Pork Solantulem with Pao, Goan Seafood Pulao, Potli Biryani and Filter Coffee Crème Brulee. They also make a very mean Ghee Roast. While you’re pursuing the menu, do not forget to order up some fluffy appams to wipe up the sides.

My absolute favourites were Prawn in Mustard & Mango Sauce, Malaikari Risotto with Gobindobhog rice, Pork Solantulem with Pao and Goan Seafood Pulao. The prawns in the prawn in mango and mustard sauce are juicy, has a slight Chinese influence but is unique in its own. Even Charcoal smoked seafood platter is one of a kind. The drama enrapturing the cloche and the smoke is an experience and the food under is quite the treat. They have fish, prawns and squid and all of them are a different preparation. The Malaikari risotto is definitely one of kind. The rice is creamy, the prawn are huge, definitely a hearty cross between Italian and Bengali food. This one is a sure hit! But what really stole the prize was the brilliant Goan Seafood Pulao. I cannot stress enough about how this must be ordered whenever you’re here. Stuffed with seafood in every bite, this is sheer genius. Pair your appams with the gorgeous Chicken Kerala Curry (it a little on the sour side, but very refreshing) Although the Pork Solantulem (it has a gingery taste with a hint of sour) comes with a pao, I will take that up with a hot crispy appam any day! To end the ginormous meal, I tucked into a very unique Filter Coffee Crème Brulee which is very rare to come by. The flavours come together very well and I think the new menu is quite impressive.

What Could Be Better?

Honestly, I would probably give the Doi Beckti a miss maybe, but the rest is pretty awesome.

Best To Go With?

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