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When Dhaka Meets Bengal! Check Out This Outlet For Bangladeshi Bengali Food!

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There are many places in Kolkata that serves you authentic bengali cuisine food along with Bengali thali. But very few places serve Bengali cuisine with authentic Bangladeshi touch in it. The Bhoj Company is one of those rare places that serves you the fusion of Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine. So few days back I visited there latest outlet, which is at Sector V, Salt Lake City, besides the Infinity Benchmark building, just beside Kareem's and Brewhive.

Coming to the Authentic Bengali Food:

So we had a lot of authentic bengali cuisine food, among which there there was sheel e bata murgi, kochu pata bhapa chingri, sheel e bata loitte, dhakai morog pulao and many more. I will start with the luchi- aloor dum. Bengalis love to have gorom-fulko luchi with traditional bengali aloor dum. In aloor dum, most of the time the aloos doesn't get boiled properly. I was happy to see that the aloo was perfectly boiled. They used small aloos and cut them into half. What I was expecting in the aloor dum was peas, as this is the perfect season for it.

Then I tried the Sheel-E-Bata Murgi and Sheel-E-Bata Loitte with steamed rice. I loved the sheel-e-bata murgi, the flavourful and spicy chicken kosha fused with aromatic Indian spices. I had lots of sheel-e-bata murgi and rice, so tried a little bit of the Loitte, it was also good in taste and flavourful.

After this, we jumped into the Dhakai Morog Pulao and Dhakai Chicken Roast. Dhakai morog pulao, as the name suggests originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is not at all a spicy dish, but is rich in flavor, aromatic and very succulent from the onions (in the form of beresta) and chicken. The dhakai morog pulao was served in two different bowls, one had the dhakai pulao and the other had the dhakai morog and boiled egg in it. Though they were separated by two containers, it is served as a one-fish meal. The Dhakai Chicken Roast was a new item that they launched after opening this new outlet. It can also be ordered as an individual dish or with the dhakai pulao, which they call as Bhoj Special Dhakai Chicken Roast with Pulao. Dhakai chicken roast is a dish of succulent chicken legs fused with caramelized onions, touch of malai and ghee, and melange of roasted spices. My expectations from this dish was high, I expect it to be a thick gravy dish but it was not. I am not saying that the taste was bad, but it was not like the authentic Dhakai chicken roast.

The Ilish Mahabhoj Thali:

So now, I would like to talk about the Ilish Mahabhoj Thali from The Bhoj Company, which consists of  the following dishes:

• Bhetki Fish Fry

• Steamed Rice

• Moong/Masoor Dal along with Lebu

• Jhoori Aloo Bhaja

• Aloo Posto

• Kochu Pata Bhapa Chingri

• Shorshe Ilish

• Basanti Pulao

• Mutton or Chicken Kasha (as per your choice)

• Chutney

• Mishti Doi

• Mishti

I will start with the bhetki fish fry, which was served along with french fries. The bhetki was extremely fresh, if you tear the fry, you will be able to see how much juicy the fish fry was. Then coming to the dal, you can choose whether you want Moong or Masoor Dal. The dal will be accompanied by lebu and Jhoori aloo bhaja, which makes the perfect combo. I am not at all a fan of aloo posto, so can't say anything about that. Then coming to one of the best thing that I had from this place, the kochu pata bhapa chingri. Kochu pata bhapa ching is an authentic Bengali cuisine food, which was mostly made by  our grandmothers, who mastered it. I was expecting the same kind of dish from this place, it was good but the pungency was too much. Then comes the MVP of this thali, i.e. jumbo Ilish. Shorshe ilish and hot piping rice is one of my favourite combos. Finally, the Basanti pulao and mutton or chicken kasha will be there. You can choose among mutton or chicken, whichever you prefer. A Bengali thali is incomplete without chatni, mishri and Mishti Doi.

The ambience of this new outlet is quite beautiful. It is a two floored building with a very cool, calm and comfortable atmosphere. The interiors are very beautifully decorated and because of the glass walls, you can see the outside scenes through them. Their hospitality was no doubt great and the service was fast enough.