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WOK'IES: Kolkata's First Ever 2 Dimensional Monochromatic Restaurant!

    Kalighat, Kolkata

    Wokies: .They are the Kolkata's First-ever 2 dimensional monochromatic Cafe and Restaurant and the best part is all the paintings inside to make them feel so real was all done by hands not by any machine or any wallpapers. The 2-dimensional effect is so real that some times you will feel that you are in a Wonderland... It's situated just opposite to Menoka Cinema Hall and have about 20+ seating arrangements. They are maintaining the best level of hygiene.

    Starting from the outside sanitizing stand, thermal cheque up, again sanitizing hands, sanitizing the tables and chairs when the customers leave and serving the food on a disposable biodegradable plates with glass and cutleries. They are just doing an awesome job. The servers are extremely courteous and professional. And they are also wearing the mask and gloves rightfully. Also, I need to mention the serving time. It's not too late nor too fast. Helping you to enjoy the ambience as well as the food with your near and dear ones.

    Now coming to the most important aspect. Yes, the food. I must recommend as of the must-try from here.
    1. Grilled Pork Salad: One of the best salad I ever had. Healthy yet tasty.
    2. Roasted Chilli Pork: Amazingly yummy.
    3. Spinach Corn Fried Rice: Awesome taste. You can have it without any sides. It was that tasty.
    4. Honey Glazed Prawns: Excellent in taste and the perfectly cooked Prawns immersed in sweet tangy gravy gone very well with the rice.
    5. Spider Chicken: This is such an innovative dish and tasted outstanding. The crispy noodles wrapped the soft juicy chicken with a spicy and tangy sauce over it. Making the whole thing so appetizing.
    And last but not least. The signature dish of theirs.
    6. Stir-Fried Noodles with Whole Chicken: I will highly recommend this dish to the people who are bit diet conscious. The whole chicken marinaded in special spices and grilled to perfection with its skin. It was so succulent and flavorful and the Stir-Fried Noodles perfectly complementing the Chicken. Also, the quantity is huge and it's good for 2. So order accordingly.

    Also, I had their Turkish Coffee. If you are a coffee person then don't forget to have it. It's such a unique experience. The way of having it is. You have to take a sip of the coffee then you need to take a sip of the chilled water and if you need some sweetness then you have to take a bit of the Turkish Delight served with it. Amazing it's it

    So, now it's your time to get the experience of the place. Do give this place a try and let me know about your experience.
    Pocket pinch here is very reasonable.
      Kalighat, Kolkata