Crawford Market Shopping: Quirky Things Inside Starting As Low As INR 50

    When we landed in Crawford Market, we didn’t know that it would take us 5 hours to explore all the lanes which get lost into one another. Like the nervous system that sprouts from our spine, the alleys in Crawford break down into several lanes which have a treasure mine of their own. What was the best thing about it? The prices. Being a wholesale market, Crawford Market shopping includes everything…literally EVERYTHING sold at extremely low prices.

    Here are 10 quirky things we found for unbelievably low prices.

    Color Changing Sequin Cushions For INR 300

    Last we saw them when a celebrity posted a picture of these colour changing sequin cushions on Instagram. Didn’t know that we would find them for INR 300 {maybe lesser if I would have bargained more} in Crawford. They come with the cushion and in beautiful vibrant colours and can give your living room or your bedroom that much-needed glam spin.

    Find them in Modern Mattress Mart located on Pinjra Street right in front of Crawford building.

    Quirky Hangers For INR 150

    Our knowledge of hanging stuff is limited to clothes in normal hangers one after the other. But, the Deluxe Hanger shop in Crawford has a hanger for every need. From a long hanger with multiple circles to keep your scarves in place to a multipurpose hanger with several hooks on each side, they have it all. These hangers would definitely make our lives much more organized. They are sold just for INR 150.

    Deluxe Hangers in located right at the edge of the street that is in front of Crawford Building.

    Disco Ball Curtains for INR 400


    Kalbadevi, Mumbai

    Strings made of tiny disco balls that together make for a jazzy curtain you can use to decorate your room or make a blingy division anywhere in house. For INR 400, you will get the entire curtain set that has around 15 strings. With 2 such sets, you’ll be sorted.

    Find them in a shop called Paradise which is opposite Mangaldas Market in the 3rd lane.

    Printed Knives For INR 150

    Yes, it will serve the exact same purpose your normal knife serves but will definitely add some aesthetics to your kitchen counter. We couldn’t help but stop an notice the beautiful flowery patterns on the blade that look delicate but were razor sharp.

    You can buy them at Spark Electronics at Lohar Chawl for INR 150.

    Lantern Lights For INR 200

    LED lights of finest quality {which has lasted our friends almost 2 years} are sold in all possible forms and you wouldn’t be able to choose which one to pick. We froze at the shadow pattern creating lantern lights which started from INR 200 and went till INR 400 depending upon their shapes and size. You even have flowers, bells, ping pong balls and a lot of other designs to choose from.

    Get them at Vidhata Lights located at Mangaldas Road near Vireshwar Hotel.

    Vintage And Self Designed Crockery For INR 50

    We dropped by a crockery store only to find beautiful champagne glasses, martini glasses and goblets being sold for as low as INR 400 for 6 glasses. They even have crystal champagne glasses {which are better in quality} sold for INR 2,000 for 6 glasses. These were spotted at Must Have Crockery at Shaikh Memon Street.

    If you get out of the store, you’ll be able to spot lot of glass vendors selling beautiful shot glasses {INR 50 each} ornamental tea cups {INR 150 for 6} and heavy yet dainty ashtrays {INR 80 each}.

    Peacock Rings For INR 100

    Gulshan Toys

    Kalbadevi, Mumbai

    Just below a famous shop called Gulshan Toys, there’s a huge spread of jewellery and they are selling a very unique ring. The peacock ring, which is very avant-garde in nature, can definitely amp up a plain outfit with its elaborate feathers and turn some heads. You can get it only for INR 100.

    Colourful Trunks Starting INR 250

    If you are planning to live a minimalist lifestyle or just have a lot of stuff lying around in general, these colourful and quirky trunks will turn your mess into an artsy pile. All you have to do is buy a few trunks of different colours and store your stuff in them. Then, just stack them on top of each other. Simple!

    You can get them at The Gujarat Trunk Depot on Abdul Rehman Street. The small ones are for INR 250 and they go up to INR 650 depending on the sizes.

    Colourful Cutting Chai Glasses For INR 260

    If you are bored of serving tea to your guests in plain cups and saucers, then go for these colourful cutting chai glasses which are available just for INR 260 with the whole stand. They also available at The Gujarat Trunk Depot on Abdul Rehman Street.

    Jewel Keychains For INR 50

    Crawford Market

    Fort, Mumbai

    We're not talking about normal key chains with tiny stones. I’m talking about huge and bold designs studded with gems that will blind you if you have a thing for bling. Get the small key chains for INR 60 and huge ones for INR 100. Your key set will definitely stand out. They can be great gifts too.