Here's Why You Need To Visit This Gorgeous Nursery Hidden Inside A Chaotic Market In Mumbai



    Tucked behind a plastic store is this hidden nursery in Irla that we visited to buy plants to revamp a space. Here’s why it’s a delight for those with a green thumb.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Unnamed, this nursery is an extension of a plastic store {an irony but we’re happy that they’re compensating for all the plastic with plants} called Plastico. Muddy paths lead you to a backyard-like space where you get everything from medicinal herbs to veggies you can grow in your kitchen garden. A small plant will cost you INR 40 here, with the prices going up, depending on the plant you choose.

    The nursery is a breath of fresh air in the middle of what is a very chaotic market otherwise. If you are looking to add plants to your space or just looking for quick, peaceful stroll – this is it.


    They also deliver in case you don’t want to step out. We inquired about a requirement in Bandra and they happily obliged. Plus, they also have maintenance services, they’ll send a maali to your house who will look after the plants.