Dessert Or Drink? These Versions Of Red Velvet Shakes Have Cake In Them


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    If you’ve got a thing for red velvet cake shake, these joints are where you should be going to in the city.

    The J

    The J

    Viman Nagar, Pune

    You’ve heard this name before, haven’t you? A favourite for its fries, the red velvet cake shake also is a total winner. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, The J at Viman Nagar is where you should be heading to! The shake is priced at INR 130.

    The Belgian Waffle Co

    The red velvet cake shake had us asking for more! This place promises some of the best waffles and shakes in town and it’s got our mark of approval. Located at JM Road, it has been a favourite of many students. The Red Velvet Cake Shake has been priced at INR 150.

    Wafflin' Around

    Aundh’s very own dessert parlor boasts of a lip-smacking red-velvet retreat. Priced at INR 150, it’s a mix of creamy vanilla ice-cream, chocolate fudge and red velvet chunks.

    Oh Freak

    Oh Freak

    Shivajinagar, Pune

    A favourite of many street shoppers and students alike, this eatery at FC Road definitely makes it to our list. Probably serving the heaviest and the creamiest red velvet shake in town, it is priced at INR 165.

    Frozen Bottle

    While it’s only been a few months since its inception, Frozen Bottle already has a huge fan base. The red velvet shake is undoubtedly worth every penny. Priced at INR 149/199 {depending on the quantity}, you don’t want to miss out on this one!