I've Been Here Quite A Few Times Before The Lockdown & I love this place

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What Makes It Awesome?

Surve's FC Road: I have been here quite a few times before the lockdown so now it's safe to say - I love this place. If you love non-veg food and like simple but flavorful gravies then this is the place you want to be at. Because of lockdown, I can't visit the place but I can order, so I did and here's the review.
I love a few things here but my favourite is "Chicken handi " and the rice here

For me, a complete Maharashtrian meal has to have one bowl of rice. So I'm completely in love with the perfectly cooked rice and chicken. The roties just so happen to actually stay soft even the next day. For me, it's a wow point, because they always tend to have ample portion dishes so they often go till next morning as one can have just so much. I had some leftover handi next day and the roti was soo amazingly soft that I was surprised.