For You & Your Squad Of Ladies: 6 Amazing Spots To Party At With Your Girls


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Planning a girl’s night out requires copious amounts of planning – from location, outfits, food and dancing, it’s a long process that no man will ever understand. The first step is usually the most difficult one- Where do we go with our bunch of girls? Lucky for you, we’ve curated a list of places that will keep the whole group happy.



    Mundhwa, Pune

    Crop top – check. Chokers – check. Sneakers – check. Time to hit the dance floor with your bunch of super stylish crazies! We loved the European vibe, and highly recommend this for your next girl’s night.

    #LBBTip – the booze is slightly expensive, so you might want to stick to your beer.

    Swig Bar & Eatery

    Got beer on your mind? Then you absolutely must head over to Swig Bar & Eatery with your bunch of girls. Their Happy Hours will blow your mind away, and with their wide range of food menu and great music, you’re set for a good girl time.

    #LBBTip – This gets crowded on any given day of the week. Go early and reserve a table, or be prepared to be on your feet and dance the night away!

    Playboy Beer Garden

    Thinking ultra-glam, super stylish and super fun? Playboy Beer Garden is the place to check out! Put on those heels and make your way to this super gorgeous venue on your next girl’s night out.

    #LBBTip – They don’t take reservations, so arrive a little early or be ready to kill some time at the bar.

    The Funky Kona

    Quirky interiors make this a fun place to take all those Instagram pictures. It’s a perfect place to head to if you’ve got drinks and gossip on your mind.

    #LBBTip – This place tends to get a little noisy, so make sure you don’t have anything super important to discuss!

    Elephant & Co

    Elephant & Co.

    Kalyani Nagar, Pune

    If you’re in the mood for great food, even greater cocktails and buckets of popcorn, here is a super stylish spot for you. Slip into some smart casuals and head over to this new place in town that’s got everyone talking about it!

    #LBBTip – ask for their special cocktails. Mind you, they’re potent!