Try The Innovative & Easy-To-Eat Pizza Potlis At This Pocket-Friendly Cafe In Viman Nagar

    Viman Nagar, Pune

    What Did I Like?

    This place is a perfect blend of Italian and Indian street food. Nukkad cafe serves the Pizza Potlis which is an innovative way to serve pizza in desi style. There are five Potlis in a serving and each Potli is filled with delicious flavours. The taste of the Potlis varies from spicy to sweet giving it just all the flavours in the palate. which makes it an ideal dish that serves everyone's taste in a group. Easy to share and eat, the Pizza Potlis are just great. The cafe also has board games to be enjoyed while you eat. The Pizza Potlis are sprinkled with special Italian seasoning, which enhances the aroma and taste of the dish. This dish is decently priced at just INR 149 {for the vegetarian Potlis} and INR 180 {for the non-vegetarian Potlis}.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    The place will not cost you more than INR 500 for one.

    Best To Go With?

    You can head to this place with your friends.
      Viman Nagar, Pune