This Cafe In Aundh Is Selling Delicious Korean Desserts For INR 180

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What Did You Like?

The Pat Bingsu – a version of the “original” bingsu, the soyabean powder, cornflakes, ice cream and red beans provide an amazing, not so sweet, jaw-chilling experience. The coconut or milkmaid flavoured snow, the red bean chocolatey mess, and the crisp honey cornflakes provide an amazing range of textures in each bite.

What Could Be Better?

Making a bingsu takes time – took them almost 30 minutes to bring in my order of the bingsu. That being said, the wait is worth it!

Anything Else?

Another one I particularly loved was the muskmelon bingsu. Completely constructed in a muskmelon shell, the flavoured snow is topped with muskmelon balls – super fresh, and surprisingly healthy. Also, they have a spectacular variety of food and drinks {mostly coffees}. Sorted spot to chill with friends or read a book!

How Much Did You Shell Out?

About 180/- for a bingsu {plus taxes of course}.