This Pretty Place In Kalyani Nagar Serves A Sumptuous Breakfast

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What Makes It Awesome?

Nestled amidst the lush green bylanes of Kalyani Nagar, you'll find Arbour having that relaxed and rejuvenating aura where you'll love to have a lazy and sumptuous breakfast.

There are a lot of plants to setup the interiors which goes with the name Arbour. The chic seating and ambience gave some fresh and sunny looks. If you're here, pick a corner to soak up the sun or choose a seat indoors. Soothing music will sway you and you feel like humming along having a gala time.

Let me tell you about the things we tried here.


They serve amazing French Press coffees -
We tried the ones below and they really have their flavours sorted.

Aged Monsoon Malabar -
Europian coffee with spices and nuts. For the strong coffee lovers.

Kenya Aa Masai -
African coffee giving you a winey and fruity flavor. Definitely something different yet delicious to try.

Arbour House blend -
Ethiopia coffee with a smooth and chocolaty blend.

Flat white -
A subtle blend of regular cappuccino and latte coffees. Loved this one.

Mocha Frostino -
This was a cold coffee topped with whipped cream and flavored with chocolate syrup. I really liked this one for the taste as wellnas price(135).

Hot Chocolate -
This was good too, however a little bit on the sweeter side.


Farmers skillet -
Sautéed mushrooms, roasted potato, spinach, caramelized onion, bell peppers and lot more veggies to eat. It had a wonderful taste and aroma to the veggies. You'll savor it as soon as you get it close enough to eat.

Museli -
Served with in house granola, assorted fruits and roasted almonds. It was so filling, probably a perfect choice for a healthy breakfast.

Italian Verdure Pizza -
Jalapeño, roasted ball pepper, olives were the toppings that we had on this pizza. Crust was a little on thicker side which made the corners a bit hard to eat. Overall it was nice.

Crepe - (contained egg)
Mexican Burrito style served with Olive sour cream and mixed with yellow cheddar cheese, this one was scrumptious. Definitely worth a try here.


Overall the place was good with amazing ambience and mostly delicious food. However, the place doesn't offer too much variety for a pure vegetarian and things could get difficult if you are one of them and still happen to visit here. On the other hand, it was an absolute delight for non vegetarians amongst us.

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