Try Out Some Unique & Innovative Dishes In This Amazing Vegetarian Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome?

There is a pure vegetarian bistro place in Pune where even non-vegetarians will also enjoy it.
The name is Nine Square in Creaticity Mall, Shastrinagar Yerwada. The ambience of the place is simple yet classy. Nice, cozy and warm vibes of this place make you feel comfortable to enjoy the time.
The menu is specially curated by the celebrity chef Ajay Chopra. Each of the dishes is sure to blow your mind with its taste, innovative concept and idea behind it. What we tried :
#Thyme scented Mushroom Soup:- The richness and deliciousness of this soup are sure to make you fall in love with mushrooms if you aren't in love with it. The crostini served alongside was really good.
# Slow Roast Tomato Basil Soup:– Thick and creamy essence of slow-roasted tomato made this soup really flavorful. The flavour of basil added punch to the overall taste. The crostini served with it was also nice.
# Detox Salad Bowl:- Though I am not a Salad person, this is the best combo of Kale, Sprouts, Green Apple, Pomegranate, honey, and lemon. Must try.
#Orange Kaffir Lime:- A sweet and sour mix of Orange and Kaffir Lime, which is a very refreshing drink and make your mood relaxed. Perfect for the people who like their mocktails little tangy.
#Kokum Martini:- This is a must-try drink. A perfect mix of kokum syrup, lemon, and soda. It's a quite unique yet really soothing drink.
#Chaat Cornetto:- The best part of Indian food is street food especially the Chaats. The bestest Chaat you can get is in Delhi. So this is a typical Purani Dilli style Aloo Chaat but with a twist. The chaat is served in a cone. The cone is really crispy and inside there are small chunks of fried potatoes mixed with spices and chutneys to give it a delicious tangy taste. Definitely, a must-try.
#Dabeli Croquettes:- Another street food from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra is the Dabeli. The same was served but again with a twist. The crisp crust with a sweet and tangy filling of the dabeli mixture makes the dish a perfect snack. The chutney served along added to the overall flavor. Loved it.
#Dilli wali Aloo Tikki:- Yet another Delhi wala chaat served amazingly. Aloo tikki fried in desi ghee till crisp, topped with curd and chutneys. The hot tikki with cold creamy curd and tanginess of chutneys is pure bliss. It's not a taste but a feeling that can only be experienced.
#Smoked Chilly Cottage Cheese:-  As the name suggests, the dish is a little spicy one. Yet a very simple but amazing dish. The Paneer cubes were cooked really well and the sauce in which it was cooked was spicy as well as little tangy. Loved it.
#Soya Chaaps:- This is a must-try dish. Non-Vegetarians, if visiting this place, then you can try the soya chaaps. The same is cooked so nicely that you will love it. The chaaps were really yummy and tender. You will love every bit of it.
#The Burrito Bowl:- After having so many delicious starters, we only tried this burrito bowl ( as we were so full). The burrito bowl consisted of paneer steaks, fajita veggies, refried beans, Mexican rice, and fried tortilla. Nicely cooked and all along with a meal in it. Definitely worth trying.
#Belgian Chocolate cake:- Definitely worth a try for the chocolate lovers. The rich chocolate cake was really delicious and yummy. And a perfect way to end this superb dinner.
#Purani Delhi Kulfi Falooda – Another famous dish from Delhi. This dessert beats all the fancy desserts I have ever tried. The bite will definitely remind you of your childhood. Must-Try dessert.
The overall experience was really amazing. An amazing place for everyone to hangout. Some delicious dishes that surely won my heart and taste that can never be forgotten. Definitely a must-visit.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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