5 Essentials For An Adventurous Getaway

So you're planning your next trip, and it involves some adventure. Well, fret not. We've created a list of must-haves that will save you some last-minute planning:

Pug Print Duffle Bag

Spacious, sturdy handles and more importantly, it features hand-painted pugs on it. What's not to like about this duffel bag? It's pretty VFM too, we think.

Vintage Razor Blade Travel Pouch

No need to fear clutter anymore. Use this pouch to keep all your cosmetics, toiletries and accessories in one place. It's pretty roomy and has a waterproof lining too, that makes it a winner.

Leather Cable Wrap

Just buy this so you don't have to spend hours untangling your earphones. It also comes with a coin pocket along with a button enclosure. So useful!

Customized Foil Print Pink Passport Cover

It's useful to have a separate cover for your passport, especially if you're as absent-minded as this writer. Plus, since you can customise it with your name and favourite travel quote, this one is perfect to show off your style wherever you go!

Buckle Detail Ankle Fur Boots

Going somewhere very cold? These boots need to be in your suitcase. They're handcrafted, first of all. Secondly, the fur detailing just makes this pair look all the more classy!