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Style, Utility Or Safety - Get Your Cycle Accessories At These Stores

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There’s a lot of cyclists out there and are always looking for the best accessories out there, whether they be for safety, utility or just because it’s plain cool. We agree too, the more accessories, the better and the more places to get it, the better. So here’s our pick of cycling accessory stores online and across the city, and what you can get from each of them.


Decathlon is a sports lover’s haven. With something for everything single sport under the sun, there’s not much you can’t find here. From water bottles and mudguards to locks, bells, and helmets, the huge store has it all. You can even buy cycles, from loads of brands, of different sizes, gears, makes and models. Also is a section of cyclist clothing, including high visibility jackets, leggings, tees, gloves, neck warmers and so much more. And in some stores, if you like the cycle, you can ride it around, inside! Decathlon also has tools and spare parts for cycles – every single need of every single part of cycle and cyclist is taken care of here.

Check out Decathlon’s website here to get in on the huge collection!

Pro Cycle

Pro Cycle has stores in Indiranagar and Whitefield but also has an online store where you can shop not only for accessories but cycles as well. You can also rent bikes here and get your cycles here for service too. In terms of accessories, they’ve got all the essentials including backpacks, helmets, water bottles and cycle service equipment including pumps. There are also shoes for cycling, jackets, and vests too. Since the brands sold here are premium, stuff might be a little steep, so keep an eye out. Procycle also has cycling events, where you can interact with other cyclists and go on group rides. We found some cool bright coloured helmets and cycling jackets, so hop in to find out more!

Check out their website here.

Bums On The Saddle

Bums On The Saddle is one of India’s largest online stores and also has a physical store in Jayanagar. They have a load of accessories including apparel, helmets, shoes and even casual wear. So here, you can style up your cycling gear and pedal up a notch!  All of these brands are premium, and that reflects on the prices as well. They’ve got some really cool jerseys in bright yellows and oranges that you can pick up. They’re all around the range of INR 1,400 to INR 5,200. There’s also some casual wear, in the form of tees, snapback caps and shorts.

To know more, check out their website here.

Cycling Boutique

Cycling Boutique is an online store that has a huge collection of cycling accessories, bikes and more. They have a Cycling Boutique Experience Centre where there’s not only a store, also a coffee shop and a meeting point for cyclists to plan their next expedition. They’ve got gear, they’ve got bikes, they’ve got refreshments and they’ve got a plan waiting to happen. Apart from the physical store, there’s also an online store that you can visit to get some gear and accessories. So get into the boutique and stock up!

Visit their website here.